Here is what player movements on the alpha islands looked like in the last few days. Can you find your trail?

New Virginia

Also, the new dev server is finally up, so development pace can pick up again. The next patch is going to be exciting!

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1 Lodge

Wow! Very creative idea to post. :) Looks like we're all afraid to leave the alpha stations.

2 Alexadar

Thats small in the left of NV!... Mine)

3 Najtkinke

You can send the same maps of the beta islands to my e-mail:)

4 dOob

Mining fields spotted :D

5 Reefpirate

Beta island maps, plz!!

(these are really cool pictures by the way)

6 DEV Zoom

Beta island maps are missing for a good reason, that information is too valuable :)

7 Alexander

You see that bright white area coming from Hokk yo both New Virginia and Daoden? *Cough cough*

Roaming Party

8 OnOff

looks like some kind of body parts inside.

9 Glimmers

That really is awesome data mining and movement tracking code from a prog. standpoint.

10 Adom

Yay, you can use this info to make landscape more complicated so people can use their brains for pathfinding!

11 Annihilator

initially i had suggested this thing in beta, for the devs to analyze which routes are used, which areas are not or only rarely visited.

but i never expected it to "look" that great :D
nor to get a view on it...

12 Outlaw

i dint expect this nice to see that you save this data

13 Nasheed

Nice one. These guys are really statistics geeks, which is a good thing :)

14 0ptimus Prime


15 XrayIT

big brother is watching you !

very interesting

16 Steeldragonz

great stats, to have about, shows the wealth of info your system is able to capture and visualise. More player stuff like this would be greewat, without it being over the top of secrets for beta islands i guess.

17 Khadia Khan

Can we get the new alphas now that they have had time to get good use?

18 scorpion

I lost the "Baphomet" and 30000000 nick and my work for half a year the game - is a mockery of the players!, why not repair
I'm leaving the game, I'm not a masochist and not a millionaire!
you lose a lot of subscribers!

19 scorpion

fear of losing expensive robot .. pvp pve no!!game complete boredom