Time to talk about the next update to Perpetuum, as per usual we have a few interesting changes and new features coming to the game.

First of all as I've written previously, we're updating the roaming NPC system. Roaming NPCs will travel in caravans around the islands, and we're adding new flocks of NPCs for more varied random encounters on the terrain. This is only a very first step in our plan to bring a whole bunch of new content to the game for more stuff to do "between PvP sessions". We'll be adding a whole lot of new features to this end in later updates, which will be revealed a bit later. Various areas of the terrain will go through some small rearranging in this patch. Changes include new decorations around teleport stations, terrain updates here and there, and even a teleport station moved a bit farther away from a terminal.

We're bringing in a feature that was originally suggested in a very early brainstorm by a player during the beta. We liked the idea very much and had everything ready for it for quite a while now, but other priorities meant that this had to wait. The paintjob on your robots will now get worn down gradually as you engage in combat. This change is only aesthetic and will be undone as soon as you pack your robot together, however it's a small thing you can brag about and show off.

So now for the more interesting updates :)

A new type of plant will make its debut with the coming update. The special thing about this plant is that on its own it won't be growing anywhere, it can only appear in the game world if players plant it. This plant will contain a new harvestable material for use in the manufacturing of high end items. Beware of people trying to harvest or even destroy your crops!

One of the most fixed things in Perpetuum up to now was the constant, fixed distance of 1000 meters players could see each other. The upcoming update changes this. First of all: how far you can see and how far you can be seen from will both vary based on the robot you use, and the two will not necessarily be the same anymore. This alone would be an interesting change, but we're also adding modules to help modify these values during gameplay: The detection type module will allow you to see farther away. The flare type module will make the target show up for people farther away. And of course, the stealth type module will allow you to be seen from a shorter distance. These changes will bring the PvP on the beta islands to a whole new level, and we're excited to see how players will be using the new features to give them a tactical edge over their enemy.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming update in the comments!

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1 Annihilator

Can't wait to see which faction will get the best radar, and which one has the lowest radar profile.

and where in all that the trojar is placed...

2 Lheomuh

so no new pve insle?


it's cool =)
something to plant it's very cool =)
this patch will be interesting =)

4 McMannus

yay stealth-age is upon us :)

5 Alexadar

Weed weed more custom weed! I always want to be a drug dealer! "Alexio plantations" will support high quality ***t to the PO market.

6 DEV BoyC

Lheomuh: That takes a bit longer but we're working on it.

7 Alkanys

New skills, new modules, new pvp gameplay.... that's mean a new reset or a skill respec ? ^^

8 Annihilator

dream on - free respecs only happen if an extension gets deleted or changed completely - in this case new extensions are added

9 Reefpirate

Me oh my! Finally stealth!

"Let us know what you think about the upcoming update"

I think I'm in love...

10 Redline

@pve: You know you'll be asked to add just another pve isle in 6 months again and in 9 and 12 month again - and destroy the game world entirely by that? You should come up with an immersive and dynamic system in quality and not in numbers.

11 Delita Hyral

Lol why the bridge?

12 Obi Wan Kenobi

im looking forward to seeing hows these new things will pan out in game. nice work :)

13 Voldemort

Sounds great, I love that thingy with the plants. If you go to a hostile beta and they don't want to give you a fight, you at least kill their plants :D

14 Seridur

Make those plants that you can not plant them close to outposts

15 Gremrod

Interesting update. Can't wait to see how pvp plays out with these new stealth/radar modules.

16 Knightvoid

This bridge at sehovski shoto is rather awful, it will give priority for gangsters who constantly attack domhlarn.

17 Stradivar

Or it will offer the valiant defenders of DOOMhalarn the priority of gaining phat lootz.

18 Gather

I love love LOVE the idea of planting your own crops. Adds a new dimension to the normally plain aspect of gathering materials - do you risk hiding a crop in a PvE area and hope nobody finds it, or join a PvP alliance's area in order to keep your crops secure? As Olmec says, the choices are yours and yours alone!

19 XrayIT

yes, can't wait to test all of this !

20 Dr What

Great update !
For new plants, i hope its for only Beta islands :D

Dr What

21 DEV Crm

Thanks for the feedback!
Planting the new plant is not possible in 1000m range of any base/outpost, and they will grow slower and die sooner on alfa islands.

22 Xenapticon

So is there going to be new high end items to be made with the new plant or is it going to be added to existing ones?

Great job with the new content :), looking forward to it.

23 Outlaw

will there be any kind of weapons against plants? i still want some kind of anti plants DDT and i also want to make a area not fertile for some time, i kinda like a "dark farmville" idea

24 auster

I always wondered how you planned to add stealth. As I understand and depending on the details, it should be possible that although you don't see a player on the radar, you could still detect him visually? If that is true, it should be possible to still lock such a player. Next step could be to add some camouflage/invisibility module ;)

25 DEV Crm

Seeing a player and NOT seeing him on the radar is not possible if we want to keep the Perpetuum "unhackable". That one won't happen for sure. Detection/stealth is handled on packet/network level... No data = no hacking possible.

We're still collecting ideas about the plants. They are very new to the game, and we want to see the first features unfold first, after that based on the conclusions we definetely will add new things. This plant is just the first one and there are more plants with different rules are on the way.

26 Seridur

some ideas about the plants:
-There could be extra fertile land spots on the islands, the plant would grow 3 times better on these spots but ofc these would be farther away from stations and the enemy would know the location. It could ad to the rivalry between allied corps who get these territories.
-they might give two types of resources: you can harvest the basic type any time, but if you wait for the crop to fully develop (many days without anyone destroying or harvesting it prematurely) then you can get soemthing much more valuable resource- like fruit or something
-I hope the seeds are expensive enough that we won't see whole islands getting cheaply spawned with these new plants.
-i guess they will be destroyable by normal weapons and I think they should be tough this will be difficult for small cororations who can't defend their crops 24/7

27 Balfizar

How about you make something useful...like a hacking mod to open field containers...Im sick and tired of assclowns mineing on beta in field containers and once u chase them off you cant take any loot wtf is up with that!!!! If my bot dies it gets looted so my not field cans if I can get to them....dont give me oh well then alpha mineing wont be safe cry/cry well how about when u hack a can it flags u or just make then invul to hacking on alphas....Something needs to be done I want the loot im owed!!

28 Earth Muncher

^^what he said^^

29 Valdoniis

Seems cool:)

Balfizar: I often split open container by the usual selection:) Maybe developers should think about increasing the container code characters?

30 Redline

Looting normal cans and containers in PVE and PVP should be only possible with a hack skill - where chances of successfully hacking can later be influenced by a political system. Green/Yellow/Red guys according to their behaviour an even later introduced mixed pve/pvp zones.

31 Annihilator

Next blog contains news from Melchior, right?
please ;)


Stealth is great!

33 Honelith

This was a great update to the game and it's nice to see some cool changes!