It has come to our attention that some players have gained illegitimate possession of significant amounts of robots, equipment and other commodities, due to an exploitable game mechanic. The method that was used can by no means interpreted as intended gameplay. A lot of technical preparation and effort went into the experimentation and execution.

The magnitude of these exploits have helped these players to affect the whole poiltical landscape of Perpetuum. With the uneven playing field, legitimate corporations had an extremely hard time competing for their goals. Their persistence is admirable and we are committed to achieving and maintaining a game where skill and effort prevail.

Calculate it.

We have thoroughly examined the extent of the exploits and removed all robots, equipment and commodities associated with them to the last. All accounts that were involved in the fabrication of aforementioned resources have been permanently banned from the game. The same is true for those accounts that had characters gaining unfair knowledge base improvements.

We are certain that from now on, Nia will be a much more interesting, exciting and rewarding place to be, and are looking forward to a new age in both the political and economical events of the game. The extent of our investigation and handling of the situation ensures that everyone has the same chance for fame and fortune in our distant world.

The exploitable mechanism has been fixed. We warn all players, that we will deal with similar offenders with utmost severity. If anyone has further information regarding the issue, now is the time to come forward and share it with us privately at We will keep pursuing this case with full effort. For those that feel they have been cheated out of their hard earned wealth, please contact us and we will examine your cases individually. Our goal is to enrich the immersion and experience within the game, not to harm them.

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1 Kalsius Dakalsai

Good job, lets see how things develop.

2 Crepitus

Standing Ovation. *VERY* Well done DEVs.

3 SmokeyIndustries

So, someone traded 60ish million plasma? I don't get how that ties in to explotation.

4 Trayk

VERY Well done!! It shows the Devs truly do care about the health of the game they created.

Thumbs up!!

5 Triglav


6 Crepitus

Calvin said their policy isn't to talk about the actual exploits.

7 Pull

Just like to clear something up, by "We have thoroughly examined the extent of the exploits" you mean "We closed our eyes and deleted everything". Even members that have been in our corp for a week have had everything that they brought with them deleted. Nice investigation.

8 TeamBETAalpha

+1 to pull lol, devs at their best as usual.

9 Arga

Power vacuum created, now is a good time to join the game!

10 Trayk

Pull, didn't your momma ever tell you not to run with the wrong crowd? Seems there is logic to that!!!

11 MoBIoS

At last, the New Nia Age has begun, where your Mech is the same worth as your opponents :)

12 Mouse Tiger

2 major exploits in the first 6 months of a game is not a good record, even though the Devs have responded to them well

13 Yarren Rakarth

Biggest BS iv ever herd.

14 Arga

It's actually better to find and eliminate exploits early, if anything this bodes well for the game's long term health.

15 Lupus Aurelius

Yet again, Devs resort to draconian measures and company punishment, quilty or not, just based on a corp tag.

Thourogh investigation, my ...

16 Crepitus

totally legit for a communist exploit corp that distributes hacked shit to their members

17 Twiz

And there was much rejoice !

18 Snowstyle

What a beautifully doctored image you guys have shown. Not only does it not match up with the in game rates for pelistal reactor, but this image also has nothing to do with what we are accused of. Stay classy Calvin.

19 OnOff

Ohh my God'''What a fake gang was the m2s.loolll
It was just in time to beat all of them out.Thx DEVs...Styx , Alexander, Siddy, and all those big members lost all their millions of hours they spent here to cheat and hax..The truth of the banhammer made justice..CHEATERS DIES

20 Alexadar

Someone was punished? Good job. Those who wining lost credit of trust long time ago.

21 itu

M2S was just too good for the game and the devs couldn't handle it. There was no exploiting, this is just a way for the devs to get rid of us.

This game is going to fail and that's due to the devs being unexperienced and plain stupid.

22 Himihmi

As I see it, I signed something, called terms of use. In that, it is written, that you are obliged to report any errors, that can be called bugs. If you gain unfair advantage, you may keep it, if you only did that once, and that was the case of discovery. If you use that to make an unfair advantage, you may be banned from the game. Anyone else, who knows about someone, who is using such efforts to create unfair advantage may also be banned.

first thing to learn: READ what you sign, before you sign it....

and great job by the DEVs, keep up the good work!

23 SmokeyIndustries

I highly doubt this will change anything :(

24 Maynard Benaui

You can exploit, you can hack but only Devs has the exclusive right to 'kill' their game.

I guess M2S stepped too far this time.

25 Reanigael

This is interesting! It gives me a big boost of confidence in this game long term... think it's worth signing up!
Seems like most MMO companies won't put the time into this, and won't address it for fear of the PR backlash and lost subs.
That these guys have done so and announced it is a very positive sign for the health of this game. Sign me up, 2 accounts!

26 Nat4raya

Im also multiacount, and agree totally, other games as we know have fear to act against this very leet players who think they own the game but i rather stay without´em; wonder if they are not allways the same ppl ,. ,after all we keep meeting all in each game. Gratz devs, no guts no glory.

27 scorpion

I lost the "Baphomet" and 30000000 nick and my work for half a year the game - is a mockery of the players!, why not repair
I'm leaving the game, I'm not a masochist and not a millionaire!
you lose a lot of subscribers!

28 scorpion

fear of losing expensive robot .. pvp pve no!!game complete boredom