Damn what’s that hammering on the door, I can’t co... oh, our players! Hi there.

Yeah, we’ve been pretty quiet recently, partly because we were busy improving the game, and partly because DEV Calvin locked us up in a cage to encourage that.

You might have noticed that we’re a little bit behind of our planned schedule, so let’s cut to the case. We’re closing up August with a big bang - unless otherwise noted, all of the following will be part of the patch today (08-25).

New assignments

We’re adding 16 brand new level 1 assignments for all three main Alpha terminals: 6 combat, 7 industrial and 3 logistics ones. At the same time we say farewell to the old level 1 assignments, so this is basically an upgrade of all those assignments.

Well, actually a bit more than that - they are not only using the same elements that we introduced in the new storyline assignments recently, we’re also introducing a few new assignment types and revamping some old ones.

Mining assignments will ask you to exploit new experimental minerals that are acquired exactly the same way as the new rare mineral isotopes and variants that we have introduced in the last patch, and which you all seem to love. While you can recycle these new minerals too (like isotopes) if you happen to get them outside of assignments, they are much less valuable and pretty much only needed by those crazy professors at Syndicate Research Labs. But, the good news is that you can still keep the good old run-of-the-mill minerals that you dig up while you’re waiting for that rare bit to pop up in your cargohold.

Furthermore, these new mining assignments do not have a completion radius anymore, so you only have to find the right type of mineral field and you’re good. No more complaining that you can’t finish your assignments because that lovely Riveler blob has sucked it dry.

The long-awaited harvesting assignments will finally appear as well, and they will work much like the new mining ones outlined above. Harvesting plants will occasionally yield some new experimental minerals and you will have to deliver those. Since we can’t be sure where plants can be found, these assignments won’t have a completion radius either.

Manufacturers will probably welcome the new production assignments. They have objectives for creating calibration templates in reverse engineering, and they will also ask you to mass produce some nerdy machinery from components you have to collect on the field.

Combat assignments get some love too, instead of the bland “get here, kill 10 bad guys”-routine, they are spiced up with some switch activation and item delivery objectives.

Transport assignments will not send you from terminal to terminal anymore, but to item collectors or item suppliers out on the field. This marks the end of the legendary - and very profitable - “Triangle”.

Generally all these new assignments are (hopefully) much more interesting, their descriptions are more story-driven and closer to the lore too.

While today’s patch will only replace level 1 assignments, the rest of the levels will continuously get the same facelift during the next patches.

Relation system changes

As announced in the big revamp blogpost, from now on terminal facility relation bonuses will be only calculated from industry-related contractor corporations, so industrial players won’t have to do combat assignments to increase their relation.

We also felt that the current number of contractor corporations was a bit too much, players got lost in a maze of various NPC corporations and it was not easy to keep track of all their individual relations. So we decided to reduce (or merge, sort of) the current 27 (9 per faction) corporations to 3 per faction. Instead of half-breed combat/industrial or industrial/logistics corporations, there will be only pure combat, industrial and logistics oriented ones, and these will be the clear providers of matching assignments.

What will this mean for your current relation achievements? For every character, we’ll check their relations for all 3 sets of NPC corporations (for example one set being combat/combat, combat/industrial, combat/logistics) and take the current highest relation they have towards them within a set. Those 3 highest relation values will be applied for the new “pure” NPC corporations. In case you would end up having negative relations to any of them, you’ll be given a clean sheet and start from zero. (This process will take up actually the majority of our downtime.)

Random NPC spawns

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

With that in mind, we’re introducing new random NPC spawns, where you can’t really be sure what you’ll be up against next. Of course we didn’t want it to be a complete Russian roulette, so the NPC ranks in one spawn will only vary by 1 or 2 levels.

The real fun with them though, is that there is a small chance that they will spawn new elite NPCs. These have +50% health, but in turn have significantly better drop rates, 100% kernel drop chance, and they can even have up to 3 kernels instead of only one.

In this patch we’re only switching 3 normal spawns per island to these new random ones, but their numbers will grow in the coming patches.


The zombiepilot plan got ugraded to a homing robot chicken plan - we’ve decided to implement some basic pathfinding first. It’s still not very bright in finding the optimal route around obstacles, but it does the job.

Unstack by volume

Small feature but extremely useful, so it deserves its own paragraph. From now on the unstack window will have a dropdown menu where you’ll be able to choose whether you want to split the stack by item amount or volume. Optimally filling up your cargo just got simple.

Lastly, there have been many questions about the proposed account reset changes, and we’re long overdue with that too. The reason for the delay is that we’re not really satisfied with some important aspects of character development, so there might be some groundbreaking changes in order to make account resets not needed at all. More on this in a devblog later™.

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1 Ville


2 Tupha

In this patch we’re only switching 3-3 normal spawns on all six alpha islands to these new random ones, but their numbers will grow in the coming patches.

Sorry for my lack of comprehension but what does 3-3 mean

3 Obi Wan Kenobi

i like em all! also ya whats the 3-3 mean?

<3 devs

4 DEV Zoom

3 per island, edited to be less confusing :)

5 DEV Zoom

And I just got word that it's not only alpha islands but betas too.

6 Obi Wan Kenobi

i was just going to ask about the BETAs :)

7 Tupha

sweet now i just have to find them :)

8 Wraithbane

Those random spawns could be nasty as hell. Are they staying in the same class(blue yellow, red)? If not, having to have multiple stocks of ammo on board will chew into already small cargo space. Not to mention having elites of some random class pop up into ones lap. Especially if they have EW and/or Demob.

9 Hugh Ruka

hell, nice ... can't wait to try out the new spawns ... also finaly some (small) reason to run missions for me.

10 Line

Unstack by volume - awesome!


Where is "cartographer’s wishlist"?

12 Snowman

I actually like the complexity of the different NPC corporations, reducing them by so much seems a bit drastic, but is exactly what they did in eve so understandable.

Also a little depressed that all the time I spend leveling those other corps basically means nothing now. Thats a little harsh.

As for the groundbreaking changes to character development that dont need account resets, well.. this can only mean some kind of mechanic that would alow players to increase and decrease points spent into any skill.

Or maybe something that I suggested before?

Now that would be awesome :D

13 Alexadar

Im glad my work to push something new over static NPC's made some results :D

14 Warbucks Munro

Looking forward to these changes. Thanks!

One possible minor typo. In the first paragraph of the Latifundium - VII assignment it says you fetch 3 components. However in the second paragraph it says you move the "two" components to private storage. Shouldn't that say "three"? Sorry for nit picking.

15 DEV Zoom

Bugreporting from a screenshot, awesome :D
Yes, you're correct.

16 ladyoffire

epic fail on npc on alpha island let make so new plays emo rage quit

17 Snowman

what new players? we are all vets by now ;)

18 ladyoffire

there few new join up every day.

19 Alexander

3 spawns per island have changed. They are NOT changing the 1st stars. Calm down! New players will CONTINUE to have their hands held. :)

20 Triglav

To be honest, very nice, you seem to have realized on most of your promises.

And here comes the proverbial "but": but you also promised intrusion changes :((( any eta on that? you can put it very vaguely, but a bit less vague than soon™ please:)

21 Ol Timer


22 Ol Timer

* '''Change:''' Seth base accumulator capacity decreased from 4750 to 4000 AP (Mk2 too).
* '''Change:''' Seth shield bonus changed to 5% accumulator capacity increase per level (Mk2 too).
* '''Change:''' Reduced the weight of T2/T2P light EM-guns.
* '''Change:''' Increased the weight of T4/T4P light EM-guns, all medium EM-guns, and T4/T4P medium gauss guns.
* '''Change:''' Increased the weight of T2/T2P and T4/T4P light HCL lasers, and all medium HCL lasers.
* '''Change:''' Increased the range of light T3 lasers and EM-guns, and medium LCL lasers (and their prototypes).
* '''Change:''' Medium EM-gun hit dispersion increased from 9 to 10.
* '''Change:''' Reconfigured the armor hit point reduction, demobilizer resistance and mass reduction parameters of all lightweight frame modules.
* '''Change:''' Increased the weight of armor repairer tunings and reduced their armor repair cycle time bonuses.
* '''Change:''' Shield hardeners are now passive modules, and their shield absorption modification bonuses have been halved.
* '''Change:''' Doubled the base absorption ratio of shield generator modules.
* '''Change:''' Reduced the weight of weapon tunings, and they received an additional critical hit chance modification bonus. Important: the critical hit chance bonus applies to all other types of weapons as well, for example a missile tuning will only boost the damage and cycle time of missile launchers, but it will provide critical hit bonuses for turrets too.
* '''Change:''' ERP changes: the name related primary damage recovery has been reduced from 70% to 60% for T3, and from 90% to 70% in case of T4. Secondary damage recovery has been reduced for all tiers.
* '''Change:''' Various slug and energy cell ammo changes:

These changes are about as dumb as they get.

Seths didnt have enough acc as it was. most people dont use lasers on them for that very reason. then, u increase the weight of the lasers, armor reps, and decrerase the amount of damage that hardeners absorb? really? wel,, just delete Seths altogether why dont ya. and can i get a reimbursment for all the bots i bought expecting to be able to use them some day but now have little reason to??

23 Ol Timer

Also, i just paid 15m for an erp that absorbed 90% Now, it only absorbs 70%. Thx Devs, u all suck at ur jobs. <-----(raging)

24 Triglav

@ Ol Timer: Seths didnt have enough acc as it was.

Yes. That's why now they have more.

25 Silly Noob

w00t! Nice work devs! Keep it up!

26 Ral

Awesome awesome awesome

27 Etil DeLaFuente

more content, good good, looks like i have some work adjusting stats tho doh! :)

28 Syndic


/me goes back to sandy beach

29 Dreadchain

Unstack by volume: Now we just need buy by volume on the market =D