New week, new patch - seems like we’re on a roll. As promised a month ago, we’ll deploy the spark change and extension system upgrade patch this Friday (10-28). If you haven’t read the previous blog about the topic, I’d recommend checking it out, because I won’t repeat everything there, but rather focus on the new stuff.

Sparks 2.0

Asintec industrial spark

Have you ever wondered what the tiny nanobots we call “sparks” look like? Well, now you’ll know :)

In order to give sparks a gameplay role, we converted them into passive module-like items, which provide small permanent bonuses and are interchangeable. The first pack of available sparks is already quite sizeable, with different types in terms of level, faction, specialization and price, but we intend to introduce new ones in the future too.

To get hold of a spark, however, you need proper authorization to use them (basically “unlock” them). This authorization process can either mean a one-time NIC payment, or reaching a certain level of relation with a corporation. Later on we’ll also introduce new sparks unlockable for Energy Credits (when that system rolls out), or a combination of these.

Sparkling sparks

Once you’re authorized to use a spark, you have to install it, which costs varying amounts of money. Unlike authorization, which you only have to do once, changing between sparks always has an installation cost, even if you change back to one that you already had installed. There is also a 1-hour integration period, during which you can’t install another spark. Standard sparks which you choose during character creation are all authorized from the start, so you’ll only have to pay a small installation fee if you want to change to another standard type.

Extension downgrading

Again, pardon me if I won’t repeat all the details and reasons about attribute removal and the new calculation method of extensions. Please see the previous devblog for reference.

In short, extension downgrading will be the ability to downgrade extension levels (duh), and to get back the EP and NIC you have spent on them. This feature is mainly intended for new players, to give them a chance to correct their mistakes while they are learning the game, so downgrading will only be available for 30 days after you create your first character. Since this is a new feature, though, we’re also providing all veteran players a 30-day grace period. This grace period starts from the patch on Friday.

There are a few limitations to downgrading:

Extension downgrading
  • It’s not possible to downgrade below your initial extensions.
  • It’s not possible to downgrade an extension level which is a prerequisite for another extension that you have.
  • There is a global freeze limit, which means if you go over it, you won’t be able to downgrade anymore (this also applies to old characters). This limit has been set between level 6/7, so if you have something on level 6, you'll still be able to downgrade it, but not level 7 and up. There will be a popup warning if you’re about to cross the freeze limit with an upgrade.
  • There will be a rolling limit which will only allow you to downgrade a sum of 5 levels of any extension in the last 12 hours. (We call these downgrade tokens, and they are account-based, just like available EP.)

As you can see on the screenshot, the downgrade button will tell you how much EP/NIC you would get back if you decide to do it. The lower part of the window has also been extended with more info about your spent EP and on downgrading.

Last chance to do an account reset

As announced in the previous blog, we’re saying farewell to the account reset feature in this patch. If you have any reason to perform an account reset, you can still do so until Friday! You can do it without any repercussions, since all the EP penalty will be reimbursed during the patch, regardless how many resets you did so far. This is also your only chance to get rid of an unwanted extension that you upgraded beyond the above mentioned freeze level of 6.


As much as we would like to, we can’t promise that we’ll have a patch every week now. These patches are merely a culmination of our development work during the past few months, so these are special times :) Of course, we’re doing our best to finish some features that are still in the works as soon as possible. November will be a very exciting month. Two words: intrusion and anniversary.

Comments for this post

1 Sundial

One question: Any word on spark teleport now that the new spark system is in place?

2 DEV Zoom

That's a completely different system in terms of game mechanics, and it's a bit lower on our priority list now, but we'll get there too :)

3 Celebro

Some nice changes, we were expecting, keep it up. Last 2 words sounds exciting :)

4 Mark Zima

12 hour timers are very frustrating, is it intentional?
If not, make it 10 levels/24 hours instead of 5 levels/12 hours.

5 Alexadar

Two words: intrusion and anniversary.
you meant "somestuff" and "POS" ?
Good changes! I like last few patches alot, and this one too apparently
Im only dislike that players will be able to downgrade extensions... thats not in sandbox style

6 Karos

Only thing i don't like is that certain sparks will require me to grind rep, i'll do it if i find a spark i really want, but i probably won't enjoy it, other than that, it looks good.

7 Alexander

Limiting it to 30 days is a nice idea. Outside your first 30 days in Perpetuum you're man enough to say "I made a mistake, I should be punished".
My only issue is with the level limit.

What support will there be for new players that join the game, increase a totally useless extension to level 10 and then rage? I assume none as you're putting in a warning on installing above level 6 which is nice.

8 Annihilator

I see a remaining noob-mistake in creating an alt agent instead of degrading, not knowing in advance that deleting an agent will cost you EP.

9 Triglav

Good stuff to be honest. Improves the game, and now there's big incentive to be doing them missions, even if you're not into money. That's 1 step in the right direction to keep the player base interested.

10 Triglav

Also can I has
1 142 196
EP on my char as well? :)))

11 Martin Luther King

i like this... cant wait for friday \o/

12 Snowman

what do you mean "cant promise a patch every week" ?

was this promised before? :S

13 DEV Zoom

Well this will be the 3rd patch in 3 weeks. It's just a friendly warning that it could be more than a week until the next patch after this one :)

14 Veakrion

Oh nice. great job. I'm really admire your job, but always a but... but I'm so afraid, about the new little systems in Energy Crdeit combined with these new stuff from the last few weeks, and after all u can buy EC for real money... and so on u can buy ingame everything - so later doesnt matter the ingame time, just how much money u spent... so I really hope it won't happen. Eventually it will be a $ß??ä@# good new stuff in the game - if we won't be able to buy it for $ or €. .)

15 TokTok

To be honest,

I think you should keep the extension downgrading after 30 days.

How ever you could change it so maybe it costs 1,000,000 and you have to purchase a token from the npc market. Also put a last use timer on it of say 24 hours for 1 level.

That would serve as a money sink.

Heck let players purchase downgrade points after the 30 days and make them cumlative so it gets progressivly more and more expensive to reset low level mistakes.

anything that helps take money out of the game.

16 MSHA Droid1

Thanks, DEVs. Good stuff. :-)

17 Naralh

Like Arga said on the forum, it should be a good idea to send an email to every player who ever subscribed to Perpetuum...

Let everybody know about the last reset patch ^^

18 Naralh

Anyway, thx for your work ;)

19 DEV Zoom

Veakrion: Energy Credit is NOT a microtransaction currency, it's just another ingame currency that you have to gather differently than NIC.

20 Beasty

/cheers i like new system.. keep it comming Devs!!!

21 Gremrod

Looks pretty good to me.

It makes since bringing this to the game before the spark teleport.

22 Veakrion

Zoom: i hoped that, and thanks the answer :)
yeah and i got an email about the patch :D thx that too :D