From our book of “why didn’t you have this already”, today we present you our new support ticket system. This will hopefully bring some much needed stability into our current player issue tracking methods and will be a much more convenient system for you, and us as well.

So, from now on you won’t have to be on the lookout for online GMs, or e-mail support, instead you can just create your tickets on the website and can check on their status anytime you want.

We still have to perform some final testing of the system, but you’ll be able to start using this on Friday already.

Support tickets

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1 MoBIoS

I like the Trouble Ticket "Ich habe Sauerkraut in meinen Lederhosen". I feel with you, I have it all the time, please advice what to do :P

2 Norrdec

Great and nice colors too!

3 Alexadar

What about POS? :D

4 Alexander

Can I raise a support ticket to increase the line in the Alexadar bot.

He's been repeating himself all year.

5 Saramara

Jag har köttbullar och lingonsylt i mina träskor.

6 Triglav

Imam problem s kislim zeljem v mojih usnjenih hla?ah.

Nice system :) So what about intrusion 2.0?

Yes I'm a cunt.

7 Triglav

Ps: it doesn't work "today" for me, no support tickets section :( I hate being left out :S

8 Triglav

PPS: ok I reread the last sentence. I get it. I do.