Has it been a year already? Wow, time goes fast when you have your hands full of development work.

Well then, it seems it's high time for some proper festivities, complete with a number of surprises, treasure hunts, and robot massacres!

Perpetuum Corporation Tournament

It is with a mixture of great pleasure and honor that we announce the first Perpetuum Corporation Tournament. We will be hosting this prestigious event on the first weekend of December (3rd and 4th). Allow me to cut through the red tape, here are the rules:


  • Application for the tournament is done by the CEO or Deputy CEO of a corporation.
  • The registration fee is 10 million NIC. Only the exact amount done in one transfer will count as a proper registration.
  • The registration fee is to be transferred to “DEV Tournament” (use Agent search); this will be the proof of application.
  • One application per corporation. To make it fair for everyone, we'll check for alt corporations and let them only apply if we don't have the 16 teams.
  • The first 16 applications are accepted, above this the money will be simply sent back.
  • The deadline for the applications is the 27th of November, 20:00 server time (CET).
  • The exact time for the tournament matches will be announced after all applications have been processed. The first day will see the first elimination round, the second day will host the finals.


  • The tournament is a 16 team straight elimination ladder.
  • Robots destroyed in the tournament will NOT be reimbursed.
  • Looting on the battlefield is allowed.
  • Team members will be placed into the combat zone, where they must remain still and may not engage any modules until the Tournament Master gives the signal for the fight to commence.
  • The team that eliminates all its opponent’s robots first wins the match.
  • There are no module restrictions, robots may be fit freely.
  • The maximum time frame for a round is 30 minutes. Once this expires the team with most points on the field wins (calculated from still standing robots - for the point system see below). If this number is the same, the team with the most points destroyed wins. If the number is still the same, we draw a winner.

Team compositions

Every team can have up to 10 members. Teams can only include members of the registered corporation.

Teams can be assembled using a point system for robot classes. Every team will have a maximum of 25 points available to spend in any given match. The point cost of robots is as follows:

  • Light: 2 points (Mk2: +1, Indy: -1)
  • Light EW: 3 points (Mk2: +1)
  • Assault: 3 points (Mk2: +1, Indy: -1)
  • Mech: 6 points (Mk2: +1, Indy: -1)
  • EW Mech: 8 points (Mk2: +1)
  • Heavy Mech: 8 points (Mk2: +1, Indy: -1)

As you can see, Mk2 and industrial robots modify the base value up and down, for example a mech-class Kain Mk2 will cost 6+1=7 points, while a light industrial robot like the Argano will cost 2-1=1 points. The modifiers for industrial Mk2 robots eliminate each other, so these cost exactly the base points.


1st place:

  • 10 robots of the winners choice of Vanguard Mesmer, Mercenary Seth or Praetorian Gropho in any combination. These babies have somewhat better stats than their Mk2 counterparts, and won't be available anywhere else in the game. Also, they are black.
  • 5 T4 Prototype items of choice and 5 level 10 decoders.

2nd place:

  • 10 Mk2 robots of choice.
  • 4 T4 Prototype items of choice and 4 level 10 decoders.

3rd place:

  • 10 standard robots of choice.
  • 3 T4 Prototype items of choice and 3 level 10 decoders.

For those who just like to watch

The tournament will be held in a designated area only accessible for the combatants, but we will video stream the matches to the public.

Anniversary Treasure Hunt

Of course we will also have something for those who are not interested in such violent practices like killing each other, and would rather engage in a fun community event with a promise for shiny loot.

The Syndicate got word that the enemy is digging out never before seen ancient data consoles, which contain very valuable pieces of information that could help in our cause battling them.

Time will be short; you’ll have to be quick and grab as many as you can before they do. These ancient data consoles can be found in new types of artifacts, as well as looting them from elite and officer-class Nians who carry them on their way home.

We’ll set up some new delivery assignments where you will be able to exchange the consoles you find for rare Alien Improbability Devices. What are they good for? Well, that’s a surprise!

The surprises don’t end here: we’ll also introduce two very special sparks (one combat and one industrial type), which will be only available to unlock during this anniversary weekend.

Mark the date

The big Perpetuum Anniversary Weekend will start on the 2nd of December at 12:00, and will end on the 5th at 12:00 (all CET/server times). As mentioned above, the event will also include the Corporation Tournament taking place on the 3rd and 4th. Make sure you don’t miss this, we’ll surely be there!

ps. Details on Intrusion 2.0 coming up next week, which will also be a part of our anniversary package!

Comments for this post

1 Annihilator

42s to late!

2 Trap Card


3 Shaedys

I call dibs on the Infinite Improbability Drive.

4 Takeo Prime

all your Alien Improbability Devises are belongs to me

5 Balfizar

I doubt you will get 16 teams and to allow people to sign with alt corps is lame seeing as that give people with more resources a better advantage...lets be honest there only about 6-8 corps that will prob actually sign up.....

6 Annihilator

Hm, counting active corps:
CIR, Chaos, NEX, m2s, morte, remedy, 62nd, doy, hun, f-navy, rg, tog, abt, THS, PIE?

7 Arga

Put us on the maybe list :) We're not that combatie, but it would still be fun to see how fast those PVP corpse could 'splode our arhkes!

8 01100011010011001001001

One application per corporation. To make it fair for everyone, we'll check for alt corporations and let them only apply if we don't have the 16 teams.

Just for the lovely Balf...its only if we don't have 16...of which we will...for SURE.

9 Triglav

rarrr, shinies.

10 SpleeN

RTC is looking forward to the upcoming mayhem.

11 N1nhurs4g

*squee* >.<

12 Lobo

The 25 point thing is kinda restrictive... How about 50 points? think most of us want to risk mechs at that rate we can't field a heavy + support. unless the rest are in combat ganos.

13 Scyylla

More 62nd whine please! Wait....Sign up before you whine more....

14 The Omen

Guess the timing rules out most Aussie and New Zealand players yet again...
TOG will still rustle up a team for the comp I'm sure.

15 Obi Wan Kenobi

As an Aussie this makes me sad :( will try to get on for some of the fun tho. :)

16 The Omen

Maybe a ONE day event on their Saturday (our Sunday) would have been more fair so everyone could have had a chance to compete or maybe spread it out over 2 weekends ?
Ah well, I guess its out for artifact scanning for me.

17 Mark Zima

Time-limited offers suck, be it sparks or artifacts.

18 Alkanys

I hope we will find some new delivery assignments on the beta+. btw we are still waiting for assignments on beta+ since july.

19 Joph

It's very sad that the largest corporation in Perpetuum is shut out of the PvP event because it's focused on northern hemisphere only, poor planning IMO.

20 Oodin100

And once again us Aussies get to miss out. Piss poor planning DEVs. At the very least remove the Faction Mechs from the PvP event until everyone in the server gets a fair shot at them :(

21 DEV Zoom

Can you explain which part rules out Aussies?

22 DEV Zoom

A small amendment to the rules:
"Teams can only include members of the registered corporation."

23 Joph

The second day will be the early hours of a work day down under. Would be better to hold the Tournament over two Saturdays.

24 The Omen

Balfizar is also right in the regards of majors corps will have an unfair advantage to anyone else with higher tech levels than other newer players. Make everyone that plays fit T1 standard items so it will be more based on a players skills than what they can afford.

25 Serpens

I think everyone in T2 should suffice, maybe even T3 as its not that expensive.

26 The Omen

Agreed Serpens.

27 Gharl Incognito

Curses! The time factor will make this a nice thing to watch when I wake up.

28 DEV Zoom

We have modified the tournament rewards, so hopefully everyone can now be absolutely sure which reward is better :)

29 Burial

Looks good after the modification. If its not too revealing, would it be possible to post a pictures of the new bots somewhere? Perhaps a dev-blog. :P

30 Burial

By new bots, I mean Vanguard Mesmer, Mercenary Seth and Praetorian Gropho.

31 Scyylla

OMFG Devs..... The prizes were fine they way they were... Why cave to 1 whiney player?

32 Brutux

In before whine about 3rd place prize of 10x standard robots will ruin my personal Lithus market. Cant wait for the tourney! :)

33 Ville

Jesus whinatory, thanks for crushing my dreams of 10 t4ps. I can't believe the Devs caved.