It’s been a while since we announced Intrusion 2.0 back in July, but we have used these months to fine-tune the original concept and turn it into reality. Today I’m happy to announce that the new system will be deployed in our anniversary patch, on the 1st of December.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Intrusion 2.0, we recommended you read the previous blog about it, but I’ll try to cover all the important details here as well. The basic premise hasn’t changed; we still want it to be a system that reflects the main powerblocs on an island via outpost ownership, while making both owning an outpost and doing intrusions more worthwhile, and of course to get rid of the fixed event times and registrations. Some of the details have changed though, and we think for the better. Let’s have a look!

The basic mechanics

One of the most notable changes will be the lack of an event calendar, because the whole system will be pretty random for defenders and attackers alike. Taking part in an intrusion event will be a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

The events will still happen around Service Access Points (SAPs), with the same old SAP types. One notable difference compared to the SAPs you know now, is that they will be easier to complete, even with a relatively small squad. But the main difference in the new system is that only one SAP will open up at a time for an outpost, and you won’t know exactly which of the three SAPs it will be beforehand.

If you’re an attacker, and you see an open SAP, you simply start completing it. The system will immediately add your corporation to the list of attackers. If you can complete the SAP objective before it closes, you win the intrusion.

If you’re on the defender’s side, your only goal is to keep the attackers from completing the SAP until it closes again. Simple as that - you won’t even have to touch it. The maximum time limit until a SAP is open has been reduced to 1 hour; that’s the time you have to stick out.

An important sidenote: should the defenders start completing a SAP, technically they will also become “attackers”, and if they win the intrusion they will decrease the stability of their own outpost!

Intrusion times

SAPs will open up at random times at every outpost in 8-16 hour intervals. This means that when one intrusion finishes, the next SAP at the same outpost can open anywhere between 8 and 16 hours. This also means that the minimum time where you can be sure no SAP will open at the same outpost is 8 hours. This rule works independently for all outposts, so it is quite possible that there will be more than one intrusion happening in parallel.

There is no way of knowing which of the three SAPs will open, but there is still a way to know at what time it happens.

Captain, we have spies in our backyard!

You’ll be able to scan for intrusion times in the same manner you scan for artifacts. Your trained ninjas will have to get relatively close to the target outpost and use a new geoscanning ammo specifically designed to find out when then next SAP will open. The scan result will tell you the time, with some random inaccuracy depending on your geoscanning extensions, and the remaining time until the SAP opening. Naturally, outpost owners will only have to step out and do a scan to know the time of the next event, but they will also have to be on the lookout for spies trying to scan for it.

Outpost stability

As mentioned above, now there is only one SAP to complete or defend at a time, and you win that intrusion. Winning an intrusion does not mean that you become the owner of the outpost, though.

Since the new system is much more random than before, there has to be ample buffer space, to prevent you needing to stand guard around your SAPs 24/7. We know you have a real life too... most of you, anyway.

This is where outpost stability comes in.

Outpost stability is a number between 0 and 100, which represents how much a corporation “owns” that outpost. Intrusion events will dynamically modify this number up and down. When someone completes an intrusion, stability will go down. When the owners (and/or their allies) can keep anyone from completing an intrusion, stability will automatically go up. Remember that the defenders won’t even have to touch the SAP, so there is no restriction or rule who can be a defender - it’s all in the sandbox.

Different types of SAPs have different stability values, here’s how it looks like:

  • Passive hacking: 10 points
  • Active hacking: 15 points
  • Destruction: 15 points
  • Specimen processing: 20 points

These are the same when attacking or defending, so for example when you complete a Destruction SAP, outpost stability will go down by 15 points, and if you successfully defend a Passive hacking SAP, stability will increase by 10 points.

To make another example on the big picture, if you own an outpost with 100 stability, you have to lose about 7-8 intrusions in a row (7*15=105, depends on SAP types of course) to lose that outpost. This means around 3-5 days of minimum buffer time, depending on how much the gods of randomness favor you (ie. the 8-16 hour intervals).

Intrusion event log

Gaining ownership of an outpost

Every now and then an intrusion event will bring down outpost stability to 0. At this point the outpost will go into a contested state, where no one owns it. The next intrusion event will be decisive regarding ownership: whoever completes it will be the new owner of the outpost, starting with a stability of 5. Of course this can just as well be the old owner, in which case they manage to regain ownership again. No “claiming” an outpost for millions of NIC, no protection tokens; from then on the owner’s task is to keep the SAPs alive.

SAP loot

Typical loot from a high-stability outpost's SAP

To make it all a little more interesting, and to give you all more incentives to do intrusions, all SAPs will drop a loot container. They will do this regardless if you complete the intrusion, or if there is a timeout (a successful defense.) The catch is that they won’t be assigned to anyone, so if you want it, you’ll probably want to make sure that the area is clear from enemies when the time comes. Of course during tighter intrusion events it’s also possible that the losing team ninja-loots it and gets away with it.

The higher the outpost’s stability value, the more loot they will contain and the more chance they will have for higher level items. Loot also depends on the type of SAP and the outpost’s faction, and can contain decoders, CPU cortexes, lots of minerals, distress beacons or ammunition. (A little hint: a SAP loot of an outpost with 100% stability will always contain officer beacons!)

The benefits of owning an outpost

So far, pretty much the only notable benefit corporations had by owning an outpost was the fee paybacks from facilities. While this enabled them to use the high-level outpost facilities practically for free, there was no option which could help them shape their outpost to their liking, or generally look at it as their home.

Now, the fee paybacks will still be around, but the new system has much more in store for the potential outpost-keepers.

Outpost Access Control

Outpost controls

One of the main benefits of owning an outpost is the long-awaited option to close them down from unwanted enemies, aptly called Outpost Access Control. The feature simply consists of an on/off switch and a relations slider, which determines the minimum relation at which you let in other Agents. The slider is exactly the same like the one you use for setting your relations to anyone, so for example if you set access control to “Good”, it will only allow entry for members of a corporation for which you have set at least “Good” relation or higher. Access control will become available if your outpost reaches at least a stability of 50.


Auras are basically outpost-level NEXUS modules. They provide small but notable bonuses to the members of the owner corporation, and they do this on the whole island where the outpost is located. The more stability the outpost has, the more Auras will become available for you to activate, but only one at a time. Effects include bonuses to mining or harvesting amount, geoscanning accuracy, armor repair, accumulator recharge and detection&masking. At stability 100, complex auras become available which combine some of these bonuses.

There is one piece of bad news for those who plan world domination though: an Agent can only be affected by one Aura effect at a time. So if you plan to own more than one outpost on an island, you’ll have to make decisions when selecting your active Auras. To avoid switching them back and forth too quickly, changing Auras will also have a 24-hour cooldown.

Facility upgrades

Outpost facility upgrading

So far outpost facilities had fixed levels and there wasn’t much strategy involved, except for trying to get the outpost with the better facilities that suited your needs.

Now owners will be able to shape their outpost’s industrial profile, by upgrading facilities from level to level, even up to level 4!

Facility upgrading is also tied to outpost stability levels: at first, all facilities are only level 1. As the outpost gains stability, every 10 points you’ll be able to spend a facility upgrade. So if you manage to get it to 100, you’ll be able to upgrade altogether 10 facility levels, in any combination. This means for example that at stability 100 you can have two level 4 facilities and the remaining four on level 2 (2*3 points, plus 4*1 points). Or you can have five on level 3 (5*2 points), and one remains at level 1.

Naturally if the outpost’s stability gets lower, you will lose your upgraded levels, starting from the last one you upgraded (or simply deducted from the unspent upgrades, if you have any). Productions in progress will not be affected by this, only new processes will start with the reduced efficiencies.

This system brings in a whole new level of strategy: is refining more important for your corporation than anything else? You can upgrade to a level 4 refinery already at stability 30. Or are you sure that you’ll be able to bring it up much more than that and spread the levels evenly to help every aspect of your production? Or do you own two not-so-stable outposts on one island, so you upgrade reverse engineering here and the factory there, and transport the goods between them? All up to you; we’re really curious how you will use this system.

There is a catch to outpost modification, too: only upgrading is possible, there is no direct option for downgrading. You can take the risk of reducing the stability of your own outpost to free up that one upgrade point you need... as we said, it’s up to you.

Outpost owners on the map and the new context menu for outposts

Make your mark and let others know

We also wanted to make intrusions much more the center of attention, since they are currently the pinnacle of intercorporation warfare, shaping the political map of Nia day-by-day. Even if you are not into PvP, you probably want to know what’s going on around you.

In this regard, intrusion news was quite hidden so far; you couldn’t even poke your buddy to check the news and brag him about your latest win!

To this end we’re adding a new tab into the News window (right beside the list of “Most dangerous Agents”), which will list all the past intrusion events, complete with the owners, the winners, and outpost stability changes.

The world map will also have the option to show outpost owners, with their corporation logos neatly hovering above their outpost icon.

Outpost information with facility listing and custom public description

We also implemented the same information windows for terminals and outposts that robots and modules have too. These will also show the current owner and stability levels (the latter in a nice graph as well), and the facility levels at that specific outpost. This will also work for alpha outposts, so you won’t have to ask around about which one has the level 2 refinery anymore.

Lastly, owners of an outpost will be able to write a public description of their property, and this will also be visible for everyone who brings up the outpost’s information window. You can use it to advertise your facilities, taunt your enemies, advocate world peace, or whatever you like (well, within reason of course)!

In conclusion

Currently owned outposts will start from stability 5 (this also changed since the previous devblog) when the patch goes live on the 1st of December, but we’ll delay the start of the first intrusion events to Monday (5th), after the anniversary weekend, so you won’t have to worry about them while you’re taking part in the festivities.

*Phew* that’s all of it I think. There is no tl;dr version for this I’m afraid, but trust me, it’s a pretty straightforward system once you get the hang of it. I tried to cover everything, but I’m sure many of you will have questions, which we’ll be happy to answer in the comments below or on the forums!

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1 Alexander


2 Hug

sounds like a very solid system. well done :)

3 Khalvarik

A step in the right direction for alliance features.

4 Scyylla


5 Alexadar

Where's turrets?
On the first glance: new system is awesome.

6 Baal

Sounds awesome =)

7 Alkanys

so beta outpost start with all facility at lvl 1 for 5 days. Oo

8 Deon

Looks great!

9 Mark Zima

Most outpost facilities are not worth upgrading, either because their bonuses are not good enough or they are not used often. Some slight facility bonus changes could make flexible levels more meaningful.

10 Triglav

finally, reading :)

11 Burial

I really like this update and by the looks of it, it has most of the stuff people have requested.

How did you pick the 8-16h timer and not something less random and tighter? Why not 12-16h or something similar?

12 Burial

The auras seem to be splitting corporations up into different sub-corporations. One that does mining and gets a mining aura, combat corporation that get a combat aura. Is it working as intended?

It could be fixed in the future by giving leaders a way to categorise people and then assigning a certain aura for certain group of people.

13 01100011010011001001001

Please wipe agent starting locations to wipe all spys who have agents in hostel stations.

14 Trap Card

I like.

15 Celebro

In general this looks like a positive change to beta, but I have to be honest, thought after a year there would be a big expansion, not just an intrusion tweak patch.

16 Shijima

Yea, perhaps there should be a more for Alpha doodz too. Just a thought!

17 Aranol CARTER

All of that will probably make the game more fun... exept the fact than you can know when SAP will becaume active 8-16 hours befors...

I was hoping that this patch will help the game to evolve to something else than BLOB and ALARM CLOCK gaming....

seem that we will juste have more blob, and the necessary to form up hudge defense squad every 8-16 hours.

1 big intrusion every week may be fun... but all the 8-16 hours !!! Is this game only for people who don't have to work, or have a social life !!!

19 Dan

Auras, docking rights and facilities changes are good, but activating the SAP each 8-16h PLUS you can scan it down so you know exact time... come on that's just wrong. You don't need to live on Beta, just come there from time to time and do the scan.

20 DEV Zoom

"You don't need to live on Beta, just come there from time to time and do the scan."

1. Doesn't this mean that it encourages random raids from alpha? I thought that would be a good thing.

2. If you don't go there just to raid, then you probably go there to get an outpost. And when you do, you are already on the defending side. I don't think you can manage that from alpha, so you will need to live there after all.

21 Aranol CARTER

well Zoon, you know if the scoot who log off with argano on island tell : there will have a SAP active in 13h, we have time to manage what we need.

That patch will NEVER make beta island more populated, and will NEVER encourages roaming. You will just have logoff argano on island (or spy dock in the ennemy terminal), the rest will be intrusion like we know actualy, but not once a week, but 2 times a day...

22 Aranol CARTER

I was realy hoping that this patch will made 20 players active 15 hours per day more efficient than 60 active 2 hours per day.

But dev found a wait to break my dream...

23 DEV Zoom

"You will just have logoff argano on island (or spy dock in the ennemy terminal)"

When you wouldn't have a clue about the time, you would do the same, you wouldn't even need an Argano. Just place Arkhe alts to every outpost, and log in once in a while to check if there is a SAP open. What's the difference?

24 Red Bishop

8 to 16 hours to plan ahead? Still dont see the difference?

25 Marmon

Please, just forget the scanning part of the patch :X

26 Marmon

We are all asking you to not introduce the ability to know the next saps. Listen to us !

27 DEV Zoom

Not having any clue about intrusion times would give a tremendous advantage to the defenders who live on the beta islands. The part where outpost ownership is reflected by the corporations living there would work very well, too well even. The attackers, who generally don't live there, would need to pick a random time when they want to go raiding, and hope they get lucky with an open SAP. Maybe this sounds fun at first, but I think this would become frustrating very fast, and then we're back to square one. Due to the randomness of the times they would have to raid 24/7 to have any chance at the outpost.

I'm only asking you to give it a chance _in practice_ before you theorycraft the whole thing right into the waste bin. Obviously removing the scanning system is just a matter of simply not seeding the scanning ammo on the market.

28 Jetblack

DEVS: most corps are based on nationalities.. hence are time zone based.... u could avoid constant alarm clock gaming normal gaming time by simply being able to set an 8hr safety blanket in the 24hr period...this would give corps/alliances at least a chance to defend.

29 Marmon

Will we be able to scan the sap with arkhe mk1 with syntec geoscan ?

30 Zackariel

"Not having any clue about intrusion times would give a tremendous advantage to the defenders who live on the beta islands."

Outposts are a critical asset. Giving the ability for enemies to surgically set up assault on SAPs shouldn't be done this easy.

In addition to that, 8-16h timers on intrusion is just ridiculously too short. I don't know about other players, but most of us have a life, a job, a family and can't afford to be ready 2, even some times 3 times a DAY to organize and sustain 2/3 intrusions in such a short timescale.

I suggest setting up intrusions Friday and Saturday nights so casual gamres which still want to be involved in their clan/outpost ownership can still participate in such events.

This is a game and should remain a game. Such timers would turn it in a secondary job, if not primary.

31 DEV Zoom

Marmon: yes, but the result will be quite inaccurate, and the ammo is expensive.

32 Marmon

Expensive ? HAHA
Even if it's 1M or 100M one ammo, It will never be a problem at all, really

33 DEV Zoom

Zackariel: No, the times are either completely random, or favor one timezone, there is no option between the two. That's why we have the stability buffer, so you can miss out on some intrusions before losing your outpost.

34 Marmon

And if it's really rzally expensive, small corp will never be able to raid a Sap

35 Zackariel

Make it so a charge is stupidly volume consuming, so any bot cannot stock up and login-scan-logoff for like, ever.

36 DEV Zoom

Marmon: wait, so now an ammo is necessary to go on a raid? :)

37 Zackariel

So it takes at least a risk to get in and try to scan.

The way it seems to be right now is like giving away the info to the enemy with little to no effort whatsoever.

38 Marmon

No, but will you raid a sap in order to get the loots totally randomly if you can know pricisely when it will be "online"?

39 Marmon

... will be "online" with no effort.

40 DEV Zoom

The question is more like - will you raid a sap in order to get the loots totally randomly if you CAN'T know precisely when it will be "online"?

That would maybe work if you could be sure that there is a SAP opening up at least every 30 minutes or so anywhere on the island, so you don't have to return home "empty-handed". But that won't be the case.

41 Marmon

In one hand(w/ the time) you will see little raid
which will take sap for profit every 8-16h, or having a "corp alt" in argano diconnected near saps who will inform another corp when they should come (Whole alliance offline, at work or so (in order to TAKE the outpost)
So it will be really (too) difficult to keep an outpost and having a chance to loose all your assets

In the other hand you will see arkhes (maybe a light )going from sap to sap to see if there is a chance to take it (for stuff).
Big corp which want to take the outpost will be forced to live there, to pvp...
They might have an arkhe online near the sap to get information. I will be up to the defenders to kill them...

42 Marmon

and we'll have a great chance to loose all your assets* (line 5)

43 Alkanys

You said I'm the previous blog :“If you reside in an area and control that area, you will eventually come to control the outpost. If you raid-and-retreat from an area, it will become very hard to hold the outpost.”

But it's looks like more :
- log your spy
- check for next sap / logoff spy
- bring your blob in x hours
- go back to your home
- log your spy 8 h later
- ...

Doesn't looks like comtoling the area for me

44 Ville

I for one can't wait to take my guys out fitted for outpost SAPS for those 3 hours roams of seeing noone! Good Job Devs!!

45 DEV Zoom

Marmon: before you "lose" all your assets, you have to first lose your outpost, and then let the new owners take it up to stability 50 so they can close it down, while you are... twiddling your fingers? :)

46 DEV Zoom

Alkanys: if you need spies to check for SAP times then you are not the one who controls the area I think.

47 Zackariel

Don't you need it ? If the enemy scans and we don't what happens ? Does outpost ownership tells you the exact spawn timers somewhere ?

48 DEV Zoom

Zackariel: No, the owners have to scan for it the same way.

But let's get this straight then. There are four basic situations:

1. You are defending, which usually means you are the controlling force in the area.
2. You are defending, but you are not the controlling force in the area, but somehow (maybe luck) you got an outpost. In which case there is a pretty good chance that you're going to lose your outpost, and you'll become an attacker soon. (If you still want it back.)
3. You are attacking, and you are the controlling force in the area. There is a high chance that you'll gain ownership of the outpost soon.
4. You are attacking, and you are not the controlling force in the area. This probably means that you don't have enough power to get the outpost anyway, and you're only raiding for loot or just to annoy the owners.

There is a 5th one actually, where the local forces are balanced out, and we'll see some real wars. If we're lucky this can drag out for quite a while, but eventually the involved parties will probably fall back to one of the first four roles.

So in the 1st and 2nd case, you don't need spies, since you're in your own home, you just step out your door and do a scan.

In the 3rd case, you don't really need spies either, because if you are the controlling force, you can probably also defend your scanning guys.

In the 4th case spies can be quite valuable, because you are not the controlling force, so you want to keep it sneaky. The emphasis here is that you are NOT the controlling force, and yes, you can bring in your blob on time, and you still won't be the controlling force, you just raid. If you gain ownership of the outpost through such raids, see points 1. or 2.

49 Zackariel

Either way you still need to scan.
Since you own the outpost, you should at least be able to see in its properties page the exact time of the next SAP spawn. It would give the defenders a slight strategic advantage to poperly organize defense if necesssary.

When you own an outpost, the owners should at least know what it's doing for them and when.
Therefore, assaulting a SPA in enemy teritory should be balanced between risk and reward, which currently doesn't seem to be the case.

50 Zackariel

Another alternative would be to :

1/ Remove the current 8-16h timer
2/ Let the defenders set the intrusion timer themselves for the SAPs controlled by the outpost they own, still with timezones restrictions so they at least give a decent opening for them to try to get in and try an attack.

51 Red Bishop

"but somehow (maybe luck) you got an outpost" I see what you did there.

I would like to add another scenario (who is gonna be the most common) to your list.

You are not the controlling party on the island but your aim is to take the outpost. every cycle you ask your spy in the controlling corp to do a scan either conspicuously or you have him get the info from the "corpmate" whos in charge for the ennemy corp.

Once you have the info you now have 8-16 hours to prepare a blob attack or not at your convenience. you dont even have to register for it so the defending party does not get the warning it was getting in the old system. bonus!

repeat as much as needded.

improvement? i think not.

52 Aranol CARTER

DEV ZOON : You do theorycraft, I tell you what will happen because I play this game, not you...

"Just place Arkhe alts to every outpost, and log in once in a while to check if there is a SAP open." : And if the sap is active you have less than 1 hour to form up, travel 2-3 island and take the SAP... that's not the way you will succes

"Not having any clue about intrusion times would give a tremendous advantage to the defenders who live on the beta islands" : Exacly, that will made more player live on beta, and so more target to roaming gang, more action on the server !

"will you raid a sap in order to get the loots totally randomly if you CAN'T know precisely when it will be online" : Exactly what this game need, you will have roaming gang cheching all sap of all island to get the loot, sometime founding an other ennemy roaming gang and having a nice fight.

Remove the ammo, let see how the game evolve _in practice_, maybe the time where a SAP is active will have to be incresed, depend on what tools we have to know if SAP is active or not (moving a bot on ? check a list on interface....)

53 DEV Zoom

Red Bishop: You only think short-term there. You described pretty much my 4th point, with the only difference that you want that outpost. This situation will only last until you actually get the outpost, at which point you will have a hard time keeping it if you are really not the controlling force there. This is exactly why we can't give too much advantage to the defenders.

54 DEV Zoom

""Not having any clue about intrusion times would give a tremendous advantage to the defenders who live on the beta islands" : Exacly, that will made more player live on beta, and so more target to roaming gang, more action on the server !"

I'd love it if it worked like that, but I'm afraid that would just mean outpost owners set in stone, 15 outposts at stability 100, and total boredom. That's not what we want.

"Exactly what this game need, you will have roaming gang cheching all sap of all island to get the loot, sometime founding an other ennemy roaming gang and having a nice fight."

I already answered this above but, did you actually think about what "checking SAPs" means for roaming gangs? They go to the SAP and WAIT. Because if they leave the area they will MISS it when it opens. Is it you really what you want to do in this game, wait?

Sure, while you wait, someone comes around and shoots you. And you still don't get what you came for. And that is the moment when SAP-camping is born.

55 Mauro Rha

Anything else, controlling beta island will be harder with your new system.
If an enemy want to take your outpost whatever it costs, level control never exceed more than 50, making a part of intrusion 2.0 patch useless.
Moreover, facilities will never exceed lvl 1 or 2 and beta will be less attractive than alpha.
Beta will not give any advantage and we must spend 75% of our time trying to defend.
In the best case we have to defend a single SAP in our timezone, in the worst case, it will be 3 SAP in inaccessible timezone.
I play PO for fun, not to spend 1 hour per day (or more) to stay like a shit near a f*cking SAP.

56 Aranol CARTER

"That's not what we want" OK if what DEV want is more important than what player want...

"Is it you really what you want to do in this game, wait?" It's sure than formup every 8 hours do defend a SAP and wait 1 hours for nothing if no-one come will be fun too

"This situation will only last until you actually get the outpost, at which point you will have a hard time keeping" We are living on Beta from the early begining of the game, and controling outpost since that time.

In a previosly patch you have increase delay between intrusion to about 1 week, now you juste reduce it to 8-16 hours.
70% for the player was hoping that the blob-warfare will stop with that patch. But you shoes to make happy player who pass 80% of there time on other game, and just show up on perpetuum for planified even !

57 DEV Zoom

"Anything else, controlling beta island will be harder with your new system."

Conflict is always better than nothing. Which we have now.

""This situation will only last until you actually get the outpost, at which point you will have a hard time keeping"
We are living on Beta from the early begining of the game, and controling outpost since that time."

My argument was for your example where you were not the controlling force...

"In a previosly patch you have increase delay between intrusion to about 1 week, now you juste reduce it to 8-16 hours."

Previously you had to win one intrusion and you got the outpost. This is not the case anymore. We're running in circles here guys...

58 The Shark

all we mean is that zoom your blog is really good overall

the only point on which we are not in agreement is to anticipate

that provide some thing:

_ The least people will not walk on the islands beta but only send a scout to know the time of sap, so fewer small gang, less passing, less than life in beta and less spontaneous. it's a pity

_ You push from the beginning of the game avoiding blob but having access to the hours they forward to form a larger gang. the time between the sap is already known (8-16 h) that provided information to the attacker

_ It gives much less likely in small corp to try their luck in beta as the sap will often be covered by the big corp

I propose something that is only my opinion

Solution # 1

You can simply reduce recharge time between the sap (eg 8-12) which is already providing information for the attack while having an element of the unknown

this should force the attacker and the defender has to deal with the forces present at the time and not predict

and of course remove the scan

Solution # 2

Make a detectable sap of 3 or 5 or the number you want

You keep your scan system , we are not obliged to formup blob of every 10 h and everyone is happy \0/

Thank you for your patience devs ^ ^

59 DEV Zoom

If there will be less life on beta due to this like you think, that only means that any small and interested corp will be able to easily get an outpost, let stability go up, and live happily.

Of course the others won't let them, and there will be life on beta after all... this part is really self-regulatory.

In solution #1, reducing the times between SAPs will also reduce the average safety buffer time for defenders, making it harder for them to react.

I don't quite get what you mean with "detectable sap of 3 or 5", could you explain please?

60 Zackariel

He means once a SAP has been successfully raided by enemies, they can scan straight after and likely get the timer of the next one. What he'd like would be to make SAPs detectable at a random rate from like 1 SAP detectable out of 3 or 5 timers.

He'd also like to say he wishes you don't lose sight on the fact that some people like small roaming gangs and some others like big huge phallic-shaped blobs and he fears that the current system doesn't allow both structures to evolve as they wish.

61 DEV Zoom

How a system like this evolves is hard to tell in a sandbox, it really depends on the players who use it. That why I would prefer we see it first in practice, and draw our conclusions after :)

"What he'd like would be to make SAPs detectable at a random rate from like 1 SAP detectable out of 3 or 5 timers."

So you mean that only 20-30% of all SAP events would be scannable randomly?

62 Zackariel

Personally, I'll add a few things :

- As it is now and forher more in Intrusion 2.0, it's more painful to live in Beta than Alpha. Beta residents need to bust their asses to maintain control of said island, and for no real advantage. It's easier to live in Alpha and raid Beta for resources such as Epriton which cannot be mined in Alpha. I'm afraid it's gonna be even worse in Intrusion 2.0, since people can safely mine in Alpha and stock up bots to plan a big scale siege and eventually dry Beta residents out by stealing Epriton resources and even blockade access in and/or out.

[Nerdrage ON]
Don't get me wrong, we appreciate what you've done so far for the game and we like the game, nothing wrong about it. We will try Intrusion 2.0, but I hope you'll listen to us when you see how it's gonna fail if it does.

Let me be clear about this : no one here contests the fact that this is your game and you can do whatever you want with it, but please, do not underestimate the weight players' opinion has, because if you do, you'd lose a lot of subscriptions. i'm not threatening or anything but it's a fact that has been seen in many other games that if players grow insatisfied, you're gonna lose them.

And by the looks of it, you've invested a lot of time and resources to get this game up and running, do you really want it do die because you made a bad decision not listening to us ? I don't think so.
[/Nerdrage OFF]


63 Zackariel

@DEV Zoom : Basicly yeah, he'd like to have say 1 random timer scannable out of 3/4/5/...

64 DEV Zoom

We will obviously change the system if we see that it doesn't work after all. Again, I'm merely asking you to give it a chance in this form.

65 Brick Moses

people are pretty mad about pvp aren't they

dev zoom i suggest you not respond to these people; they don't know how to make good games

66 Zackariel

Define "good game".

Who says we're mad about pvp ?
Afaik all points that have been made against the patch are valid.

Your comment isn't worth anything except a fail troll. If you care a little about PvP and the consequences that are going to fall upon outposts owner, ou shouldn't even answer a devblog you obvious don't give a rat's ass about.

67 Hug

well i think if you would not be able to scan for the times this all would only be annoying as hell and only favour defenders but well zoom explained that several times already. i find it good that this grants actual times where you could go to beta as an attacker and have a fight over loot and control.

i think that in theory this sounds rock solid for the intrusion system.

yet not only the intrusion itself will make beta islands more populated. other factors surely also need to be looked at in the future as the reward/risk needs to be ok. being actually able to control an outpost will provide more security for those who want to live on beta and is a first step to attract more ppl to them.

but this it will always be a balance act to keep beta attractive enough so ppl want to be there while not making alphas meaningless. most ppl will always choose the more "carebear" playstyle and there has to be a place in the sandbox for this as well as they usually make up way more of your playerbase i'd guess.

in eve i went from an empire guy to one living out of the 0.0 over time and i always knew there was big conflicts going on and i was working towards to be part of it when i started years ago. that's what betas should also become if you ask me.

68 Dazamin

1) Defenders should be favoured, that's part of the reward for getting a station, stations are important and should have a certain level of stability for the current owner, to be honest you should find something else for people to fight over 2/3 times a day, a critical asset like a station is not it.

2) Why reset the whole system? You've made all previous Intrusions basically pointless. Doing what is basically a complete ownership reset in a persistent world seems wrong to me.

69 MrCeeJ

Awesome blog post, and great defence against the comments.

Everyone and his/her sister thinks they know what will happen, and would love to give criticism before it is even live (and post some IToldYouSos afterwards) but until it is actually turned on, no-one will know the outcome.

It is rare to see someone so informative and thick skinned at the same time, great blog :)

70 Obi Wan Kenobi

"Dev Zoom - How a system like this evolves is hard to tell in a sandbox, it really depends on the players who use it. That why I would prefer we see it first in practice, and draw our conclusions after :)"

lol thats funny perpetuum is atm lacking a lot of sand. We the player base wanted a change to how intrusions work but why the hell should corps risk so much if as the owner we get stuff all to defend it with out having to be on guard 24/7. this game might be your job but its not mine.

Aura upgrades are a nice feature & upgrading the outpost is aswell. But if we have so much risk for an outpost & so shitty rewards for living on beta whats the point?

am i a little peeved? probably. i was hoping that after player perp for 1.5 years by now some of the long promised stuff would be here. :(

71 Maynard

1) The Intrusion changes are no more than change of claiming mechanics.

The change does not aim to bring more people to Beta islands.

2) Claiming mechanics need to favor Attackers slightly.

While protecting your assets and investments is important, favoring to defenders would hinder incentives for fighting over the Outposts. The game would lose dynamics if it would be easier to defend than attack.

3) Dissolving 1 big battle over outpost into several fights will achieve several goals:

a) More pew pew opportunities
b) You will need more than just 1 battle to win a war. That means less stress on alarm clocks and adds variety and options to fighting over Outposts.
c) More Outposts you own, harder the control will be because defending effort requirements will increase exponentially.

4) If you prefer constantly monitoring for SAPs with spy alts and risking you lose time or even miss it, instead of making the little effort to scan for SAP status, knowing in advance and be able to prefer yourself - well, your choice.

Good to see a change that is well reasoned and move the game forward.

72 poKK

Dev's you should think about things we can do without dying of boring.
-Like missions in over nerf Beta + islands.
-Implement a system of contract(sorry to say that but EvE was so nice for that), for making the job of trader intresting, because right now Trader is just bull****.
-Anything could give more things to DO!!! That's all we ask!!!
And do not tell me Staying on a SAP hours is something "cool"
-Also give more tools to make the organization for Alliance simpler!!

Sad to see people leaving because of simple things that could be fixe if Dev's were really playing their game...