With the upcoming patch dealing with terraforming and player built settlements we also need to upgrade some of our current tools to better suit the challenges these new systems pose. The most basic such system involving the terrain is the one visualizing where players can go - the slope display.

As part of the work on the PBS patch we have upgraded the slope display so you'll not only be able to see where your robot can go, but also where robots of other classes can venture. More importantly the new slope display will also show areas which need to be flattened before a building can be raised at a certain area.

As these new tools won't be needed all the time we're making them optional. You'll be able to cycle between the different display modes using the slope toggle button.

Also, most of the server side code work on the individual PBS nodes has now finished and we're in the process of building the terraform blueprint system while the artists work on the gfx for the nodes. And before you ask, the next part of the PBS series blog should be out next week ;)

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1 Trap Card


2 Cobalt

Not first :(

3 Arga

Not Second :(

4 Annihilator

*hint* opacity slider? *hint*

5 Taomm


6 Burial

Opacity slider would be awesome. Looks way too harsh. Otherwise looks pretty good!

7 DEV Zoom

Visibility very much depends on the time of day, but BoyC said an opacity slider would be possible.

8 Eng Daniel

"... the next part of the PBS series blog should be out next week ;)"
this week? :D

9 Alauris

Terrain textures don't use mipmap?
Normal map of sand texture is unnatural sharp.

10 DEV Zoom

The textures are work in progress.