We're happy to announce that Perpetuum is featured in the second round of the Green Light Bundle!

Green Light Bundle

"The Green Light Bundle puts great indie games in the spotlight. Games that need your help to get onto Steam. Choose your price, play the games and don't forget to rate them on Steam Greenlight(tm)."

Along with all the other nice indie games, the bundle includes a 30-day Perpetuum game time code. The code is available for old and new accounts alike, but only one green light bundle code is allowed per account.

To the Green Light Bundle website!

(Note that this is separate from Steam Greenlight, we're awaiting an announcement for that on Monday.)

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1 Jeru

Let's hope Monday brings good news!

2 Alexadar

congrats broskiz!

3 BeastmodeGuNs

ah yes, Monday is a biggy for perpetuum, lets see greenlight happen for perp!

4 OptiKhan

Server down... *burp*

...And then Moses descended from the mountain exclaiming: "There shall be peace in Nia!"

All joking aside, I am SURE they will get the ball rolling SOON(tm).

5 MoBIoS

I like :)

Greenlight start:

Total number of registered users: 26,171


Total number of registered users: 26,268