Well October 15 has come and gone, and we've been Greenlit on Steam!

Steam Greenlight

This of course is a very good thing, but doesn't mean that Perpetuum will be available to be purchased via Steam tomorrow. This is only the first step in the process toward that goal, a process of which we'll probably be able to tell you guys very little due to NDAs and whatnot. So keep this in mind, we'll keep you updated as much as we can.

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1 Trystar

Congrats!!! Can't wait to see it on Steam.

2 BeastmodeGuNs

yep, cant wait to see this get on steam and have better Pop!

3 Celebro

I am sure you guys will make all the way into steam, Congrats!!

4 Perceptor

Really congratulations BoyC. I always hoped this game would make it and the Devs deserve to see a ROI.

Try to focus not on the population boost this will surely bring but how best to keep them.

5 Shaedys


6 Annihilator

gz, but seems to take longer then expected.

any updates yet?

7 bleu

Please keep in mind that some people in game prefer to have multiple accounts and take that into consideration when making the game launch from steam client.

8 William Bonney


Steam normally won't start more then one game client per active user. Sure, can swap users every time you want to "alt+tab," and I've done that ina game or two, but it's a major pain.