Cue "it's been a long road" and other emotional phrases, and you have probably heard about this by now, but:

Perpetuum will be officially released on Steam on the 23rd of April. (Yes, this year :)

Feel free to check out our store page - though there is not much to look at yet, but some discussions have already started there.

Perpetuum on Steam

Steam beta access

Those who already own the game are now able to link their Perpetuum and Steam accounts on our website and receive a free copy of the game on Steam. We have set up a new Account connections section under account management where you can do this.

Note that this is only a small gift for our loyal players and future purchases of Perpetuum on our website will not mean that you will also get a Steam key. Since Steam is not a requirement to access the game and will not give players any in-game benefits, we will still be offering Perpetuum through our own store as well.

For now Steam access is still in beta stage (earlier than Early Access), so there might still be some small bugs or things missing.

Gamma reset and testing

The most important information you need to know that the gamma reset will happen a day before the Steam launch, on April 22.

Since the last patch, the client includes the personal and corporation-level reimbursement selectors, where you can tell us the target terminal where you would like to have your gamma items transferred on the day of the reset. (More info in the patch notes.)

Meanwhile we’ve been working on the changes that justify the whole gamma reset in the first place, namely the terraform limitation and the colony building network restrictions. Both of these will be out on the public test server very soon, and we kindly urge you to break it in any way you can. We’re also putting down a mobile teleport next to the TM Alpha terminal on the test server which leads to the gamma test zone, so you won’t have to walk all the way unnecessarily. More info on the testing forum soon.

Depending on how testing and development of this goes, the best case scenario is that we don’t shut down gammas at all, but do the reset on the 22nd and you can immediately take it back with the improved mechanics in place. In case we encounter some serious issues during testing, we will still have the reset on the 22nd, but will close down gammas on the same day until we can deploy the changes.

Twitch intergration

One-click video streaming

Gameplay features always have priority, but Gargaj has been working on integrating Twitch's one-click video streaming into the client whenever he had some spare time, so this is also coming very soon. Complete with Twitch chat integration, Twitch account linking, and eye-twitching Perpetuum video stream overdose!

Also, some of you have asked our stand regarding video sharing and monetization, so we've put up a policy page on our website - see here.

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1 Winnetou

Great ;)

2 Cassius

Nice to see the blog, I am very very concerned about the limited time to test the Gamma mechanics ... If you get the test server up now thats max 10 days to test the new mechanics.... Doesn't seem like remotely enough time. Looking forward to the launch and good news with Twitch.

3 Celebro

Cassius is right very little time, I wouldn't mind waiting to getting it thoroughly tested and getting it right this time.

4 Race Drones

"Since Steam is not a requirement to access the game and will not give players any in-game benefits, we will still be offering Perpetuum through our own store as well."

^^ Good!.

5 Tux

Good to see the blog is out

Gamma testing is going to take minimum 3 weeks, breaking stuff is easier thank you guys think ;)

Twitch "coming soon" (TM)

You guys need something like this to fill your PC store.

It could deliver new content a lot faster than you guys can with the limited resources you are working with

6 Aaron Sool

Nice to see Jasdemis reply in that screen from Twitch Intergation... "I like big boobs"... Makes us perp-players look rly mature. :P

7 DEV Gargaj

The problem is he cannot lie.

8 Cassius

Big Butts, Gargaj, Big Butts. Big Boobies are nice too.


But what of these other brothers... can they not deny?!

10 Shimazu

Mhh the game isn´t listed as new release on steam, hope they fix that.

11 DEV Gargaj

I think it's because it's in Early Access.

12 Shimazu

Other early access games got listed too, like space engineers or rust.