Today we're introducing new premium packages and upgrade kits for Perpetuum. Our main goal here is to be able to reach a wider audience by permanently reducing the price of the base game, while still providing something extra for those who are willing to support us beyond that.

The upgrade kits contain varying amounts of Extension Points, Perpetuum Credits, Alien Improbability Devices, and also exclusive new sparks, and the Perpetuum original soundtrack.

These kits are organized into the above mentioned premium packages, which include the base game plus one or both of the kits - the picture below should give you a nice breakdown.

Premium packages

You might also notice that the base game will come with 200 credits and 1 AID from now on, in order to provide a less bumpy road for new players.

Of course the individual upgrades are also available outside of the premium packages. So if you are an older player, you can also purchase these in any combination* and enjoy the same goodies like someone getting a whole premium package for the first time as a new player. (Hence the name "Upgrade Kit".)

* Each upgrade kit can be purchased only once for each Perpetuum account.

Upgrade Kit Zero
Upgrade Kit One


Soon after the introduction of the premium packages, the base game (aka. "Standard Edition") will undergo a permanent price reduction and will be available for only 9.99 USD/EUR.

Both Upgrade Kits go for the same 9.99 price tag if purchased separately, and if you decide for one of the premium packages, you'll enjoy a few bucks off on the package price compared to the individual prices. The Premium Edition goes for 18.99 (save about 5%) and the Superior Edition for 27.99 (save about 7%).

Note that these packages are currently available on Steam only, but we'll offer them in our own store soon as well.

Head over to our Steam store page to check them out now!

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1 hjk3

Put this shit up in the recent news bullshit on steam nerds

2 Corn

missed the 75% off sale , glad to see its perm going down to $9.99.

waiting on the steam price to go down to $9.99 now.

Doesn't make sense that they added the new editions before reducing the price of base version , but oh well , guess i will need to wait a little more.

what really sucks is that to link my old account id need to buy the game for $10 on steam and on here to use it. although i doubt 45 days of EP is worth the extra $10 , considering the 1st $10 pack has 120,000 EP , or a little over 83 days worth of standard accumulated EP.

meh getting too antsy about getting it on steam, lol

3 Corn

I wonder how long it will be until the base version price will go down to $9.99 ?

"Soon" is way to vague of a reference ......

4 DEV Zoom

Corn: a few days only.

5 Corn

too bad i cant afford the Superior edition , mortgage and irl bills , hehe.

6 Gwyndor

I spent all my money on this shit

7 Corn

It is a great game , i was playing way back when you only started with 20,000 EP and then added another 20,000. but i was playing 3 sub based games , and Perpetuum at the time wasn't the most popular one , so i let it go.

I wonder if even with the cheap new 'editions' will get a reduced price at the 'Winter Sale' ? hmm