Some of you already know about this, we've been waiting with the official announcement until we knew the system was working glitch free.

We in the Perpetuum team realize that the strength of our current player-base comes from groups of friends forming communities inside the game. Perpetuum was built around the concept of people playing together, not simply next to each other in the same world. Because of this we wish all new players to experience team play as early on in the game as possible.

To this end we're very glad to announce the recruit program: players with active accounts who have subscribed for at least 30 days will be receiving recruit codes, which can be used to kickstart a new account. These codes can only be used on accounts on which no codes have been redeemed yet and give 15 days of play time.

Most importantly if the player decides to subscribe to the game for at least 30 days, the validity of the original account which received the recruit code will also be extended by 15 days. We're sending out recruit codes daily, and after a while we'll be giving you a code like this for each purchase. If you haven't received one yet, don't worry - it'll come in time.

Again, keep in mind that these codes can only be used on a new account. Invite your friends to try Perpetuum!