The roaming NPCs we introduced in the last patch became an instant hit with most of the player base. They are quite rare to find, can be in a lot of varied places, and have a very low respawn rate, making the sighting of an Observer on any island a rare moment. They also pack quite a punch, taking down a single one of them often needing the cooperation of several players, but the loot they drop is well worth the effort for everyone involved. Due to the very positive feedback on these high end enemies, we're currently working on some upgrades to the roaming NPC system that will allow them to move in a much more coordinated fashion. Observers will in many cases be accompanied by other enemies, and they will move as a group, which was impossible in the previous system.

How do you like the Observers so far, and what do you think of this update? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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1 Surge

You need to add some sort of intelligence to the roaming NPCs. Their addition is a good step in the right direction, that of creating a more dynamic and alive world, but currently as it stands - with just groups of NPCs sitting around idley in places - completely destroys the idea of a living world full of alien factions (which are meant to be at war with one another).

You originally sold this game on a dynamic world and while I feel that there is much to be improved in this matter, I certainly believe this work on roaming NPCs is a good start. Keep it up!

2 Alexadar

I like observers because of tasty kernel inside, but i'm really don't like other loot from them. Players need to cooperate in most cases for killing them, but player group getting not enough loot now. In some cases observer can be killed in solo mode, so solo hunters can calculate respawn rate, possible locations and farm them, and this also need to be fixed because strong observers must be better than any solo player i think. I think idea to add company to lonely observers and more random in respawn location, time and roaming route will be awesome.

3 Xini Nemesis

Theres not enough of them. I still havent seen one yet let alone fired at it.

4 dOob

I found 2, the first was solotable, the 2nd one commited suicide when I saw it :D

I guess if there only 1 each time, it's too much easy of a kill.

5 Seridur

Good idea to let them appear/move in group, one big guy and some escort.
Try to make them more unpredictable tough, they should not be farmable.

6 Alexander

Currently they spawn in the same place and walk in circles. They even leash back to where they spawned if they follow you for long enough. Add path finding. Add follow. Only break off and resume roaming when all players are >1000m away.

They need a lot of work. Currently an easy farm for T3 gear.

7 Taco

I love the idea of making the environment more dynamic. But I dislike their dropping superkernels. It echos of the fail (in my opinion) risk v reward mantra preached at stEVE. Just as there, the risk is easily mitigated. They're being farmed now; even with escorts, they'll be farmed. It becomes another mechanism that widens the divide between the haves and have-nots. So I'd rather see the reward give a temporary adrenaline boost to production rather than a permanent leg-up. Have 'em drop their tiered gear with a chance each could be a prototype. No superkernels. And honestly, they spawn too frequently.

8 Taco

Oh, and while we're on the subject of design illusions (in this case that making observers hit harder/have escorts/etc actually means there's more risk for all... it simply reduces the size of the pool of players who can farm them with nominal risk), please don't introduce something (*cough* titans *cough*) with the belief that cost (NIC) will be an effective constraint on their proliferation.

9 Adom

And please bump their kernels, even 25 heavy mech kernels cant give you t4 medium rocket launchers :(