Here we go with another update on the status of recent and upcoming changes. We're quite pleased to report that the latest patch resulted in a big increase in the stability of the server backend, and the random problems people have been experiencing prior to the patch will not be happening again.

Free trial

The biggest update coming with the weekend patch will be the official introduction of a 15 day free trial with each newly created account. Let's face it, the sun is setting for the obsolete trial codes. There is one less hurdle in the dash to the finish line, which is the starting grid of the Perpetuum adventure.

In order to shield the economy and the equal playing field from possible exploits caused by people creating large amounts of trial accounts, feature access will be limited in some forms. Trial players will not be able to trade items or NIC with other players and will not be able to join player corporations.

Please note, that along with the old trial codes, the recruit codes you may have received will also become invalid. If you have a recruit code lying around, time to blow the dust off it and get your BFF an early Christmas, while collecting your own 15 days of free game time.


We are working on hotfixes for the current problems (most notable of which are the chat issues) and we'll be rolling out the next patch sometime over the weekend.

Incoming new areas

We will effectively double the size of the game world with a patch planned for about a month from now. There will be six new islands, three safe and three free-for-all ones. At first the new areas will contain infrastructure, npcs and materials, with missions soon to follow. Intrusion events for the new bases on unsafe islands will be available immediately.

For the end, here's an image of a work in progress new plant:


Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments!

Comments for this post

1 Alexadar

Expanding the world is a nice idea, but personally i think that some of new islands must be huge sized so players will be able to have big travel there. Imagine huge continents where fast intact can easily lost and miners will be able to hide. For now islands looks like small cities with good transport system, but im sure players want to play on huge lands with minimum of internal teleporters.

2 Kentaio

Nice.. Really looking forward to the new islands, and as Alexandar wrote above, some islands that would be huge, would be really great to make hide and seek abit available. Aside from that, new plant is looking great sofar, looking forward for the final resault of it, and free trials (15 days) is also great news, will make many of my friends be able to try the game out, even those who dont use facebook. And more to come. Keep the good work up! /Kentaio.

3 Freidal Shoveler

i honestly (and sadly) think is a bit too late :(
thou was expecting the new islands, and the fix for the chat is really welcome ^_^
Can i, again, suggest to find a new way to access beta islands? 3 chokin points (or 2 or even 5) r a bit to few, expecially given that a 1 day old alt can be placed there and, thanks to ingame effects, spot every possible gate activation

4 alfri

3 island free for all.beautiful idea.but i dont understand the terminal in the 3 isle.

5 Balfizar

new plant are great as long as there not being made to be resources there is already enough stuff that needs to be mined/harvested. Also great new islands! Yet massive land mass with no terminals would be awsome!! But you can build ur own player built base anywhere on this huge islands and upgradeable facilities. Just something needs to be done about clock work intrusions..........