It's time to take a good old roflcopter for a ride and report you from a recent hilarious happening from our beloved Avatar Creations office of fun.

As you may expect from indie game developers, our daily nutrition-intake is largely homogeneous at best, and can be usually expressed with what our friends in Britain would characterize as "beans on toast". To this end, when the game launched, I decided to traverse to the local kitchen appliance store and surprise ourselves with a wonderful sandwich grill, to spice up our otherwise dull circulation of carbohydrates.

The grill has served us wonderfully for a few months, until it's untimely demise when encountering a larger piece of pastry, at which point the structural composition of the object underwent a major realignment:

It was a tragic casualty, but after much grieving, we carried on. Then today, tragedy struck again, as the trusty office toaster, which has served us for the entire duration of the Perpetuum development, has inexplicably caught fire and nearly proceeded to burn through the bottom of the cupboard, only to be carefully unplugged and shoved in the kitchen sink by yours truly in a haphazard but effective manner.

Forensics have later revealed that the culprit was quite possibly the ejection lever lodging in halfway, either due to hardware failure or the toast itself wedging between the rim and the metal framing, which has caused the heater mechanism to switch from "medium well" to "meteor shower", and eventually "thermal ammo AOE attack", cheerfully melting the plastic framing itself in the meantime and looking wistfully towards the wooden cupboard bottom.

So yeah, we're one toaster down, and I'm still hungry. However, on the plus side, rest assured this will not serve as a hindrance on our development schedule.

Comments for this post

1 Celebro

Stop taking photos of kitchen appliances, you just wasted time, you could have written 5 lines of code now next expansion will delay for a few hours and I can play at midnight :)

2 DEV Calvin

Nah, he made the pictures instead of eating...

3 Alexander

Wow, you're having such a lucky day.
I guess we're lucky it wasn't the server.
How's the server doing? Still making perfect toast every single time?

4 Annihilator

will now the server-shutdown-bugettes make a comback to the the office?

5 Wayland

My heart goes out to you guys, slaving over a hot keyboard all day with no sustenance. If you want I can knock up a few rounds of toasties on my own none-melted sandwich maker and pop them in the post?


Cool. Story.

But fix the bugs pl0x. Bro.

7 Arga

Obviously your toaster had the hots for the sandwich grill. This proves that nothing likes to work/play solo, please don't replace sad appliances singly, one each or 2 grills, to prevent future frustrated heating hazzards.

8 Vaneshi SnowCrash

If your grilling sarnies might I suggest a George Forman grill? Luxury yes, but hey, you're worth it.

They do excellent tasted sarnies.

9 Katablade

That's not how you burn a game cd anymore! xD