So, Intrusion 2.0 has been out for a little more than a week now and we’re happy to see the pew-pew it generates on the beta islands. Like every complex system it’s not perfect, so we’re performing small modifications based on your feedback over the coming weeks. We also intend to give both attackers and defenders a few additional strategic tools and features - more on this in a separate blog post soon.

Meanwhile, we’re working on the foundations of the player-built structures system, but we don’t want to leave you without new features and content for the rest of the year, so let’s have a look what we have in store for you in December.

The Scarab

I know most of you are waiting for this, so I won’t tease you any longer. As announced in our last newsletter, a new freighter-type robot is about to make its entry into the world of Nia. Its name is Scarab, and it’s the first member of a new robot class we call gliders.

The common feature of gliders is that they are hovering above the ground, which means they have excellent slope capabilities, and resistance against demobilization. They are also relatively big, which in turn means they make excellent targets too... We have plans for heavy and light glider classes, both in combat and industrial roles as well.

Scarab concept art
Scarab - work in progress model

The Scarab specifically is a heavy industrial glider, designed to transport huge amounts of cargo, a whopping 720 units. The bad news is that in order to keep it levitating, it has to have a pretty thin framework and light armoring, so it will be quite vulnerable. It does have 2 universal chassis slots that you can fill with medium weapons too, but heavy escorts are recommended. For support modules you’ll have 4 head slots and 1 leg slot to play with.

As for required extensions, you will need some higher levels in Advanced robot control and Industrial robot control, as well as the new Glider control extension, specific to the new class.

While we plan to have an Mk2 version of it, like for all robots in the game, that one will be only introduced a bit later.

Syndicate Supplies

Have you ever wanted to do a suitable assignment but got turned off by the reward bullets that you don’t use anyway? I know I did.

At first we wanted to give you an option to select your reward items before you accept the assignment, but that felt kinda limiting as well. So we decided to give you complete freedom by adding some universal faction tokens as assignment rewards, which you can exchange for things you really need.

The place where you can do the exchange will be a new base facility called Syndicate Supplies (formerly known as EC-shop). At the start it will offer the well-known advanced ammo types (which have become a bit of a rarity by now) for assignment tokens, but later on we will also include many more items purchasable for Energy Credits (yeah it’s coming a long way), or a combination of currencies. Just to be absolutely clear, this is not a microtransaction store, it uses new ingame currencies which you can gather by various activities.

New robot animations

You saw what we did to the Arkhe, now our animators are close to wrapping up the next bigger package. The 3 light combat robots and the 3 light EW-robots will get the same treatment soon, and will be sporting much better looking walking and running animations.

Beginner assignment improvements

During the past months we have replaced all level 1-2-3 assignments with better and more interesting ones, but before we move on to level 4 and up, we have to take a step back and have a look at the start of the game.

While the general feedback on the 10-part tutorial assignment line has been mostly positive, it is starting to get a bit outdated. The plan is to split it into two branches, one combat and one industrial-oriented, and include some newly introduced objectives, like artifact scanning, distress beacons and manufacturing. Players will be able to complete both branches, one with a combat light bot reward at the end, and the other with an industrial one. Our intention is to give everyone the opportunity to decide which path they want to take (it can be both too!), and to show them all the activities they can do in the game.

We’re also revamping the level 0 assignments; we know they are a pretty bad grind between the end of the tutorial and the start of the level 1 assignments. They will also make sure that you have some more interesting objectives to do than killing drones over and over, if you accidentally lose your first tutorial light bot and have only an Arkhe available.

DEV Alf is also brewing some NPC spawn balancing changes and some new modules and new weapon ammo types using cycle time modification, but the details still a bit hazy, so more on those a bit later :)

Christmas is coming too, so we plan to have some smaller PvE events, and we're starting to pick up some strange artifact signals again, too. Nothing fancy though, we know most of you have better things to do at that time than sitting in front of a computer. Or do you?

Anyways, questions and comments are more than welcome, as always!

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1 Winnetou


2 Brick Moses

Any idea on the Scarab's speed?

3 DEV Zoom

About the same as the Lithus.

4 SmokeyIndustries

Awesome, sounds great! Can't wait to try the new stuffs :)

5 Mark Zima

It's all nice and good. BUT:

* "we’re happy to see the pew-pew it generates on the beta islands" means you have no idea how and why this pew pew happens. French guys were right, you don't play the game and you are clueless. All power to pirates, it's your game now guys.

* EP requirements for Scarab? Speed? The most important things are missing.

* Multiple ingame currencies (character locked?) + non-manufacturable items and ammo = we are going themeparky here.

6 DEV Zoom

Speed was answered above, but the exact EP requirements have not been worked out yet.

7 Trap Card


I can use a lithus so I'll hopefully be able to use this, assuming I can afford it.

I am excite.

8 The Omen

Nice going Devs. :)

9 SmokeyIndustries

* Multiple ingame currencies (character locked?) + non-manufacturable items and ammo = we are going themeparky here.

Would you call the LP store in eve themeparky? This sounds like it's equating to the same thing.

10 Gremrod

The concept art looks almost as if you guys have the idea to make the cargo section so it can be swapped out with less or more capacity.

Are you guys thinking about doing this?

11 Dan

I want gliding kain! :D

12 DEV Zoom

Gremrod: while it wasn't created with this in mind, it's not completely impossible some time in the future. We have some lose ideas about making all robot cargos replaceable like a module, but no solid concepts yet.

13 Eng Daniel

What is the size of Scarab? Will be fitted in shield? or new shield generator like big one?

How many accu will have?

14 Futuro

nice new stuff.
about Scarab if are you 100% sure of 1 slot leg (2 would be great), pls add on it a bonus for NEXUS modules, velocity at last.

15 Brick Moses

A question that's nagging at me: What will the Lithus be good at that the Scarab isn't?

16 Annihilator

"Brick Moses
2011-12-16 02:07:34
A question that's nagging at me: What will the Lithus be good at that the Scarab isn't?"

absorbing insane ammounts of damage that the scarab cant

17 Tux

Good work DEV's, but why not just deploy the MK2 version at the same time ? the standard industry MK2 bonuses not going to work with it ?

18 Ellyssium Flame

Squeeeeee! ^_^

19 poKK

Good work Dev's !!

20 Lucius Marcellus

Looks good, but release the mkII version as well!

21 Annihilator

no, release mk1, let player use it, tweak it and THEN implement mk2.


One question - When?

23 poKK

When when when ?

24 MrCeeJ

Does anyone know of any information regarding the spawn balance changes? It would be nice to not have to trot half way across the world to farm a particular style of bot.