We received a large package addressed to "DEV GARGAJ" in the mail today. After the obvious security measures, we controlled our little EOD-robot towards the box, and as soon as the dust, debris and toxic fallout settled, we uncovered this:

I'm not exactly adept at expressing gratitude on a poetic level, but a gesture like this is not only appreciated for what it is, it also inspires on a more personal level to work harder/more on the upcoming patches. (Although that might be just the sugar rush.) Thank you very much on behalf of the remainder of the DEV team!

It also reminded me that we (somehow) forgot to mention our previous goodie-bag-by-mail, received last summer from Shea:

Again, thank you so much! <3

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1 Shaedys


2 Trap Card

Chocolate golden coins are my only weakness!

3 Lonwolf


4 Dan

Hmm any community chip in for Kain's buff?

5 Burial

I welcome our new becoming overlord Misha!

6 Eng Daniel

did not know there were other types of oreos,
i only know the classic.

and the milk?

7 Misha Untaga

Glad you like em!