Gamma Frontier

Finally the day has come, when we unleash what we essentially consider as almost a rewrite of the game (considering there's barely anything left untouched in it), and open the Gamma Frontier. This has been a frankly unreasonable amount of work, but having seen some of the things already built on the test servers, I feel it was already well worth it.

A big big BIG thank you and massive respect goes to anyone who gave the test server a shot and systematically uncovered our occasional mishaps through numbers and lines of code; we hope the final product lives up to your expectations. (And if you didn't join the test server, now you know who to blame.)

The massive list of changes and upgrades are available here, the help pages are available here, and a fairly accurate representation of the dev-team can be found here.

And now, it's your turn: Last one on Gamma is a rotten Arkhe!

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1 Jasdemi


2 Celebro

Biggest expansion ever, good work Devs, I am sure whats not balanced will change and most will be content.

3 Arga

There will likely be things that need to be rebalanced, but I'm sure the first thing people will say is "Wow, this looks fantastic". So, while it may not be perfect, at least it looks good not being it.

4 Baal

Great job DEVs! =)

5 Burial

Looks interesing!

6 Inda

New era is begun!

7 Duudoonga El Manolo

Jasdemi : why ?

8 Muessli Killer

great job, congarts!