About a year ago we were approached by a production assistant representing MGM Studios, asking for permission to use some footage from Perpetuum in an upcoming movie. According to them it was supposed to be the favorite game of the main character, used in two different scenes. Some extra visibility is always good, even if it's just some obscure indie movie - we thought back then. So we provided some high quality gameplay videos and didn't hear back since.

Well, imagine our surprise today.

The movie is called "Max", and it seems to be a full-fledged Hollywood movie, a good one even. The trailer has been released today - look for a stompy Gropho at the 29 second mark. Obviously the movie is not about our game and it probably only gets a few seconds of screen time, but needless to say we're very proud! :)

ps. Meanwhile the new assignment system is shaping up nicely, expect a new blog about it in the next few days.

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1 Celebro

Congrats Devs.

2 Lonwolf

Congratulations guys! Every bit of exposure helps. Looking forward to the new blog.

3 Goffer

Thumb up. That's a great step ahead in marketing :)

4 Annihilator


5 Phantomburn

Now can we unbalance the game so that the robot used in the clip is viable in pvp?

6 Inda

Best advert ever! I dont know how that could happen! Well played and well EARNED DEV's!

7 Altera

That's pretty cool.

8 Chemist

GZ! :)

9 KokoTurtle

Can anyone make out the names in the landmark? :D

10 Jasdemi

Hit the news already: http://massivelyop.net/2015/03/20/perpetuum-spotted-in-movie-trailer/

11 BeastmodeGuNs

@Koko, I cant, but from looking at the radar, it looks a bit like Daoden, could be shin also, lol.

12 JetNexus

Maybe i'll even watch this movie because of this :)

13 Obi Wan Kenobi

Ahh back when the Gropho was actually of some use :) RIP

14 MoBIoS

Props up.
But please revert the patch and make this game enjoyable again!