So after a little unplanned delay, we're continuing the release of new Syndicate robots. This time we're introducing two mech-class robots: the Echelon, a combat mech, and the Daidalos, a mech-class transport.



Class: Mech specialized in firearms

"The big brother of the Locust in every way, employing the same self-adjusting armor plating technology and stabilized machine guns. Syndicate generals usually like to put the Echelon where it belongs: to the forefront of intense battles."


  • Head slots: 4
  • Leg slots: 5
  • Chassis slots: 4 (2x light/medium turret, 2x light/medium turret/misc)

Bonuses (per extension level)

  • 2% reduction to the hit dispersion of guns
  • 3% to firearms damage
  • 1% to firearms cycle time
  • -0.10 to surface hit size
  • 2% to demobilizer resistance

Notable stats

  • Accumulator: 1800 AP @ 420sec recharge
  • CPU: 250 TF
  • Reactor: 900 RP
  • Armor: 2900 HP
  • Passive resistances: 45 points universally (31%)
  • Surface hit size: 7 m
  • Locking range: 300 m
  • Sensor strength: 130 Hw³
  • Signal detection: 130 rF
  • Signal masking: 90 rF
  • Cargo capacity: 9 U
  • Mass: 28000 kg
  • Base speed: 90 kph

Syndicate Supplies cost

  • 250 TM tokens
  • 250 ICS tokens
  • 250 ASI tokens
  • 4,000,000 NIC



Class: Mech specialized in transportation

"We call it 'the hauler with a punch'. The Daidalos is a curious experiment in our efforts aimed to create a versatile transport robot that's more than just a sitting duck when ambushed.

Capacity-wise it fits right between the assault and heavy mech class transports, and while it's not as tough as the Lithus, when aided by a few combat escorts it is more than capable of helping out with some damage-dealing on its own."


  • Head slots: 3
  • Leg slots: 5
  • Chassis slots: 4 (2x light/medium turret, 2x light/medium industrial)

Bonuses (per extension level)

  • 10% to firearms damage (that's no mistake, it is 10% damage increase per level)
  • -0.20 to surface hit size
  • 1% to armor hit points
  • +3 to passive resistances
  • +2 to signal masking

Notable stats

  • Accumulator: 1800 AP @ 480sec recharge
  • CPU: 220 TF
  • Reactor: 500 RP
  • Armor: 2000 HP
  • Passive resistances: 45 points to kinetic/seismic/thermal (31%), 30 points to chemical (23%)
  • Surface hit size: 8 m
  • Locking range: 200 m
  • Sensor strength: 100 Hw³
  • Signal detection: 110 rF
  • Signal masking: 100 rF
  • Cargo capacity: 160 U
  • Mass: 48000 kg
  • Base speed: 81 kph

Syndicate Supplies cost

  • 350 TM tokens
  • 350 ICS tokens
  • 350 ASI tokens
  • 5,000,000 NIC

Balancing changes

Like in the case of the first wave, robot balance has been reviewed within the currently released class, although this time I felt like a small boost to the Tyrannos was the only change necessary.

The already released Syndicate robots have been also revisited, and based on your feedback and my testing sessions, a few balancing changes have been made.

The list of changes:

  • Increased the missile cycle time bonus of the Tyrannos from 1% to 3% per extension level.
  • Reduced the base surface hit size of the Vektor from 3 to 2.5.
  • Reduced the base surface hit size of the Locust from 4 to 3.5.
  • Increased the NIC cost of the Locust from 500,000 to 750,000 (token costs remain unchanged).
  • Increased the base mass of the Locust from 11,800 kg to 15,000 kg (which means less speed reduction coming from equipped modules).


All this is part of patch 3.8.1, which will be deployed tomorrow, September 23 at 15:00 CEST/servertime (13:00 UTC). Downtime is estimated to last about 1 hour.

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1 Chemist


2 Hell Dog

10% to firearms damage (that's no mistake, it is 10% damage increase per level)
WAAAAAt?! rly?xD

3 Annihilator

wow, finally a respectable bonus on an industrial.
i hope you will mirror that one to ALL industrial bots that have only one weapon slot, (eg, in form of a 5% cycletime+damage bonus for non-firearms)

4 logicalNegation


Nice bots, good balancing changes.
Hauler looks good, and makes sense with its partial combat capabilities to have a combat torso.

5 Inda

Nice job!