This morning while we were listening to the 6th episode of the Incoming Transmission Podcast, I realised I must clean up something about the market. In the beginning, the insurance prices were based on the actual trading price of the robots. (Plus a multiplier to be correct.) This was a very nice dynamic system on paper, and a rather pivotal part of the game. By that time we were too busy to check the market rates graph frequently, and on top of that when I checked it I fed myself with freshly crafted theories to explain why does that look odd.

Despite many warnings from many players I didn't do anything, because I was so convinced by my own little theories. This was a terrible mistake that resulted in insurance frauds. (... link to a very long story here ... ) I can talk about this for hours but to keep it short, I was so sure it would all be fine, the game is just starting and that's why the graph is so empty/odd and it will boil itself down to a natural balanced level. But it didn't. As a result we changed the whole system to a more predictable one. Currently we are still monitoring the sales, but we are setting the insurance prices manually. This period was the left one on the image.

After that things went well, the market collected the prices properly and we were happy campers. Later on before the Terra Incognita patch I managed to put a new bug in, which ruined the graph again. When I realised it there was no way back - we weren't able to deploy a hotfix until the expansion. During this period the repair prices were based on the raw material sales, so the workaround was that I logged in periodically and made some fake sales. FAKE SALES????!!! WHAT?! Yes, I sold and bought randomly one (1) from each raw material so the underlying mechanism had some data to work with. This was enough to keep it going. See the second bugged period on the graph when I had to cheat the price filter mechanism. After that came the expansion and since then it's all good again. You can see these periods in every item's global rates graph.

This is how little bugs can ripple through the system causing trouble.