The time has arrived to wrap up the final phase of the anniversary events, and our final step is to perform some sort of prize ceremony, for the lack of a better method, here on this blog. (We'll see if we can work on this somewhere down the line and add fireworks, ribbons and glow for the next occasion; right now you have to make do with overwrought verbal gymnastics and crude image manipulations.)

It has been an extraordinary weekend for us, seeing both the Agents in the audience and in the arena completely tuned to the same frequency and enjoying it as much as we enjoyed donning the visibility vests while rounding up the teams, conducting the matches as the officials, and pushing out the Zamboni afterwards to clear the arena of leftover robot parts. The great atmosphere certainly underlined our trust in the community Perpetuum has built around itself, it has been a great inspiration for us, and we're certainly gonna do this once again.

The execution of the tournament by was no means flawless, and I'd like to observe some things that we need to think about later: First off, the upper rim of the arena was way too popular, because it consisted of one single ring without any interruptions. We duly noted this and while we don't want to discourage long-range fighting, the amount of constant merry-go-rounding eventually just became silly after a while, and we'll certainly take steps against this next time. Another thing that gave us a bit of a headache was the obviously hasty decision of allowing matches to be decided with a coin-flip. This turned out to be a bad idea and we'll make sure to granulate the rules more specifically next time, perhaps including things like damage dealt or shots fired. (Again, these are just conclusions, not plans. We'll see.)

That all said, let's start the ceremony with a few people who we need to thank.

The "Jackie Stewart"-award for the commentary booth

The tournament certainly wouldn't have been as enjoyable as it was for people outside the arena if it wasn't for the amazing (and I mean that to the fullest extent) insights to the people who did the commentary with Mancs and Calvin on the stream: a big thank you go out to Lemon, Gremrod and GLiMPSE who attended our little livestream as guests, performed interviews and generally made the video stream entertaining even for people who weren't as savvy about the game as most of us. Their reward for their time and unwavering enthusiasm shall be a custom label on the forums reminding everyone that these people mean business.

The "Baby's First PVP" award for the best newcomer group

We'd like to take time to provide some kudos to the only corporation in the tournament who, despite being a fairly new PVE formation, decided to not only give the whole thing a shot but also managed to advance to the second round of the tournament, so a big hand goes to Rue Tang Clan for proving that even low EP players with enough dedication, creativity, a good understanding of game mechanics can match up any other group. They will receive what they probably need the most after the tourney: a round of reimbursements for their robots lost during those two matches.

The combined "Dale Earnhardt Jr."-award for most left turn laps around the arena and the "Garden Rake"-award for least rules observed

To commemorate the special moment of seeing four completely masked Troiars running full speed around the top rim of the arena for 30 minutes in hopes to avoid any sort of firefight and getting through the round via the coin flip, but ultimately realizing that they forgot to fill out the point cap and will be eliminated regardless, we'd like to present Infinity with a special Perpetuum 500 lightweight frame to aid them in their future efforts of legging it from firefights. This is also in honor of what we perceived to be the biggest surprise in tournament, eliminating M2S in the first round.

The "COME AT ME BRO"-award for most spectacular tanking

This one goes to a moment in a match we all found incredibly entertaining: We'd like to hand out our only individual award to Tux from 62nd, who successfully held his ground as a single robot for about 20 minutes after his team was destroyed early by Remedy, eating ridiculous amount of damage and EW like a boss. His reward will be, appropriately, a unique The Wall-brand shield hardener, to help him become comfortably numb.

...and now without further ado, let's hear it for the winners:

  • On runner-up place: Remedy Inc.
  • On third place: Crimson Imperium Reborn
  • On second place: Immortal Legacy

And finally, the winner of the first anniversary Perpetuum Tournament is:

With a nail-biting finale, CHAOS has shown us amazing proficiency, tactics and discipline as they marched through the rounds with their impenetrable Tyrannos squad, and they're well deserving to the champion title, and by proxy the free entry to the next tournament as reigning champion. The top three teams are already in the process of receiving their rewards (see details here), and all other participating teams will also receive a complimentary goodie package, so hopefully we can wrap all this up within a few days.

Once again, a big big honest Thank You to all the groups who have stepped up to participate, the players spectating in the audience, all the players who in the meantime roamed the fields in search for treasure, and all those who watched the weekend unfold on the video stream. (If you missed it, check the video archive here.)

We had a great time - hope to see even more of you in the next event!