In the last blog I have explained about the basic concepts and the grid layout of the new tech trees, which will be introduced with the revamp of the kernel research system.

By now we have completed the layout of all of the trees, have a look:

Nuimqol tech tree
Pelistal tech tree
Thelodica tech tree
Industrial tech tree
Common I tech tree
Common II tech tree
MPC tech tree

As you can see we'll have 7 separate trees, since we had to separate common and industrial tech, and even had to split the common one in two. This doesn't really have any influence on the research mechanic itself, it's just for usability reasons (less complexity, less scrolling).

As I have explained before, the items are laid out onto a grid, and the grid columns determine the research point cost of the items. The news here is that we'll also introduce new enabler extensions for each faction which will be used to unlock the research of the columns of that specific faction one by one. As there are 10 columns and 10 extension levels, this is really convenient (thanks Simmy for the hint!). Eventually when new items get introduced into the game we'll also create "advanced" extensions for this, but for now this will be enough.

I have also mentioned that we intend to make prototype variants for robots to give a reason to research them, and you have pointed out that ammunition and colony buildings don't have prototypes either. While this is true, we don't intend to make prototype versions for those due to balancing reasons. I also forgot to point out again that despite that, actually there will be a reason to research everything you want to mass produce, since you'll get a bonus for that if you have an item researched in both your personal and the corporation knowledge base. I believe this will come in handy for both ammo and buildings, since the former is in large demand, and the latter needs a lot of commodities to build so there is a lot to gain there.

In the next blog I can hopefully show you how the tech trees will actually look in the game. Until then feel free to provide some feedback on the tech tree layouts, we'll of course consider any changes if they sound logical.

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1 Winnetou


2 Celebro

Good choice, added bot prototypes that's all we needed, the structures and ammo are fine.

3 N1nhurs4g

This looks great Zoom, however, a big question will be: will the integrity of our already-researched items be held? We have all spent a lot of time (and effort, and NIC..) researching up to this point. Will we begin the new patch with the equivalent to how much we have now?

4 DEV Zoom

Azyre: this is explained in the December blog, look for the "So what will happen to your current knowledgebase" part.

Btw there was a bug at the first row of the MPC tree, updated now with a fix.

5 Tux

So can you remove the industrial robot control from the sequer lithus and scarab because now there going to be considered "common" robots not industrial robots ... as they are not in the industrial tree.... (and refund the EP)

other than that looks pretty good .. nice to see good progress on the new system

6 DEV Zoom

Tux: the only reason they are in the common tree is that they neither fit into the mining nor the harvesting subtree. They are still considered industrial robots regarding extension requirements though.

7 Doek

Logistics (that is, moving things) can surely be considered part of the industry. It makes sense.

8 DEV Zoom

Doek: sure, the question is however, can LWF and evasive NEXUS be considered as industrial tech if we moved that subtree over? Cause I wouldn't want to break it up.

The only connection I could find and which made at least some sense for LWFs and transport robots is to put them together, and branch off evasive NEXUS from LWF. If not there then I don't know where :)

Originally LWFs were considered to branch off from armor plates, but that became Thelodica tech, which LWF isn't.

9 Doek

Yeah, I was actually referring to their extensions. Having them closely related to LWFs makes a lot of sense.

10 Fourfingers Frankie

Can you make proto stuff the same as mk2 now and make mk2 stuff role specific please. Three tiers of the same thing will suck.

11 DEV Zoom

Prototypes aren't really a separate tier and we don't intend them to be, this is discussed here:

12 Alexander

The only part that I have issues with is LWF unlocking the path to logistic robots.

In the early game, when it was first released we used Arganos to transport everything until we had researched Sequers. Sequers are part of the Nian Industrial faction/group yet are in the common tree.

Apart from that weirdness the rest seems like it all just fits into place.

13 Blackomen

Interesting, this may get me back into enjoying the industrial game. Even though I had 95% of the research done, it still was daunting to reach 100% with the old system, nearly impossible actually for anyone solo.

Still, something doesn't make sense here, you say extentions are being used to unlock tech, yet you reference the old research we had will be converted to research points. Is there both a research system AND extentions now required to unlock tech? Or some sort of either/or?

14 DEV Zoom

Blackomen: yes, both. You will need 3 things to research a particular item:

1. Have the necessary research points
2. Have its parent researched
3. Have the required enabler extension installed

We'll have 6 new extensions for this (Nuimqol, Pelistal, Thelodica, Industrial, Common, MPC) and each level of them will enable the research of the Nth column on the tree grid of that particular faction.

15 Balfizar

Good stuff but all to late only thing left is the bears and even those are slim in number I suggest focusing ramping up the games population. Maybe shut down wipe go back Into beta try a kick starter advertise and get some funding maybe up the graphics for all the players that need the shiny. The game has major potential and if done right I believe could be the next CCP.

16 Brutux

Might as well use my indy toon to post here ...

My first impression when the research revamp was announced was that our existing tech was safe and would be carried thru. So under the new system, will I still have my T4 accum recharger unlocked, or will I be given the equivalent value of the new kernel system. And still have to put EP into whatever tree's extension that tech requires.

What concerns me is players who have most of the T4 items unlocked, but relatively little unspent EP, will find themselves unable to proto items they previously could. Can you clarify how the transition will occur from old tech to new tech structure?

Btw, I have more than 50k available EP, and I think the new system is great and needed, but I'm sure thats not enough EP to bring 7 different tech levels to 10.

17 DEV Zoom

Brutux: Azyre asked pretty much the same thing, see comment #4.

18 Gooma

Well Since while zoom is running around the bush so to speak, here is the answer, youll be given rp equal to what you already have to spend on the new system. BUT you will have to have the ep to but into the tiers. So if you dont have the ep you wont be able to produce what you can now.

"So what will happen to your current knowledgebase when this gets into the game? Well it will be wiped of course and you’ll have to start over, ha-ha. Nah, I’m just kidding, once we figure the exact RP value of every item in the new technology tree, we can give you the matching amount of RP for your actual knowledge, so you can basically rebuild your knowledgebase from scratch. Now, we can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same amount of “raw research value” after that, but I’m sure that being able to select specific technologies to research will mostly provide you with a better result overall. We still have to figure out what happens to unresearched kernels, so we’ll get back to that.

This is why i call for a EP RESET,

19 Brutux

So yeah, Zoom, Az did ask, and Gooma has quoted the exact section in the December Blog that you referenced and I read after posting .... So quite honestly .... While everyone will be compensated "fairly" in Equivalent RP for current research, they more than likely WILL NOT be able to produce the same amount of T4 items as before simply because of EP, not RP. While I am adverse to calling for EP resets ... it would have been nice to understand in December that EP was critical to the research process. 4 extra months of EP banked would be extremely helpful to prototypers when this revamp hits.

20 Ville

I'll post this on the forums after I become unbanned, but I like a lot of this stuff,but would be nice to have an EP reset, and make sure the Corp research tech tree costs X10 or more than what it costs an individual to do.

Now, my only question is will I be able to make it where ALL of my corp is able to use the proto knowledge?

21 DEV Zoom

Ville: we'll have two new optional corp roles, one for researching and one for using the knowledge.

22 Ville


23 Pakaw

A reset that causes me to lose two years work and investment in this game, will drive me to quit!