Snowy stuff!

Good news! The annual make-your-wallet-cry winter festivities are underway!

Perpetuum is available at 75% off, credit packs and ICE at 50%, and you can even save 10% on the new premium packs and upgrade kits. This is true for both the Steam store and our own store, where the upgrade kits are also available since yesterday.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the base game will receive a permanent price drop to 9.99 EUR/USD, and now I can also tell you that this will happen when the sale ends on January 4.

On behalf of the DEV team we wish you Happy Holidays!

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1 Annihilator

what is that white noise there?

2 logicalNegation

Also seasons and precipitation in the weather system would be pretty awesome..

3 Celebro

If only you guys could ever make the game look like that picture one day that would be cool.