With the launch of the revamped New Player Experience we’re finally ready to welcome the potentially massive number of new players that being Greenlit on Steam means. It’s been a long road to this point, and we’re excited to see what the future brings. However there’s one last change that we haven’t mentioned before as this one is different from the previous upgrades to Perpetuum.

Payment model change

During and since our Steam Greenlight campaign we’ve gathered a lot of feedback from players not familiar with the game. This feedback was overwhelmingly positive, however there was a single recurring complaint that we couldn’t ignore. We’ve thought and talked about this for a long time before coming to a decision, and in the end we decided that the best chance for Perpetuum to grow with this new audience is to do something about the subscription system.

On April the 2nd, as a last step in preparation for our upcoming Steam launch, Perpetuum is going to change its payment model.

The subscription model will be dropped in favor of a single purchase when players join the world of Perpetuum, and augmented with optional in-game purchases of previously unavailable services and cosmetic upgrades. The price of the single and final purchase of the game will be comparable to 3 months of subscription time in the past: 28.99 USD/EUR (VAT included).

In anticipation of the influx of new players, we will suspend our 15-day trial and free reactivation options on the same day. The payment model change combined with our Steam launch is a disproportionately large step for us compared to our recent years, and we want to make sure that we can provide the highest possible quality of service for the players who purchase the game.

A gift for our active players

As a thank you for supporting us over the years and helping us to get to this point, all players who had at least 3 months of game time ever(!) on their account by April 2 will receive Perpetuum for free. The 3 months can be anywhere in the past, reach into the future, be continuous or intermittent, doesn’t matter. We check for redeemed game time codes or monthly subscriptions. We also take ICE into consideration, but it’s important that we count consumed ICE items, and NOT redeemed ICE codes.

So if your account currently has had only 1 or 2 months of game time so far, this is your opportunity to extend it to 3 months and get the game for good.

The accounts that have less than 3 months of accumulated game time on April 2 will be deactivated, and can only be used again if you purchase the game for the full price.

We have set up an eligibility check on our website, so you can verify whether your account has enough months to receive a free copy or not.

EP system changes

The system most affected by the change is the EP system. It’s not being removed, and the core of the game will be kept as it has always been, however several adjustments need to be made in order to make it work.

First off, for the purpose of easier management, instead of receiving one EP every minute, players will be receiving the EP in daily packages. All accounts which own the game will accumulate Extension Points daily, however this raises the issue of older accounts having more EP without doing anything. In order to avoid the issue of inactive players gathering EP indefinitely, we’re introducing a new rule: EP will only gather on an account for three days after being last online. We’re confident that this isn’t such a big requirement for active players, but it will make sure that inactive players can be caught up to in terms of EP.

The second major change concerns the level playing field in Perpetuum. The EP system has always been one of the core systems guaranteeing that equal progress can be achieved for all players in the game. This won’t change, however we’re raising the bar a bit: for players willing to support us each month we’re introducing the EP Boost. This service will be available as an in-game purchase and will grant players a 50% boost to all EP earned for 30 days. The pricing of this service will be comparable to the monthly fee we’re replacing.

Perpetuum Credits

Perpetuum Credits

We’ll introduce a new type of currency that you’ll be able to purchase for real money - we’re simply calling it Perpetuum Credits (PC).

The following items will be available to purchase for Perpetuum Credits:

  • EP booster
    Activating an EP booster on your account will increase your EP acquisition rate by 50% over the normal rate for a month. It will also make sure that you receive your EP supplement for every day as long as it is active, even if you miss to log in for more than 3 days.
  • EP reset
    Reset the extensions of a character to starting levels, and free up all the EP spent on them. The EP can then be spent again for any character on the account. The EP reset item will also free up all EP penalties caused by character deletions.
    UPDATE: Based on your feedback and after some internal discussion, we have decided to not offer EP resets for now. The extension downgrade feature might even make a separate EP reset unnecessary, we'll see how people will use it.
  • Extension downgrade
    Currently extension downgrading is only available for 30 days after an account is created. We will remove this limit, and make level-by-level downgrading for Perpetuum Credits available to everyone. Also, there will be no level limit for downgrading, you’ll be able to downgrade even from level 10, down to the starting level of the extension.
  • Character rename
    Makes you able to rename your character. To avoid abuse, character information windows will publicly list all past names.
  • Corporation rename
    Change the name and short ID of your corporation. This will be only available to CEOs and deputy CEOs.
Such color. Very pink. Wow.

This is only the initial list of items, and we plan to introduce some more in the future, like the long awaited robot paint option. We’d like to stress that these will be only convenience or cosmetic items - no player will get the upper hand in the game by throwing wads of cash at us.

Any subscription that spans beyond the day of the payment model switch will be converted to the appropriate amount of PC and added to the account. UPDATE: see a detailed explanation here.

We'll roll out these changes to the public test server on March 20, so you'll be able to see how this all works before it goes live.

Gamma reset

We’d like to quickly address this as well in this blog because the plans for gammas have changed around too many times.

So if you haven’t heard about this yet, we’re going to reset gamma islands, with the necessary reimbursements. The reason for this is that we’re changing the rules for terraforming and building limits for a better gamma gameplay and balance, and unfortunately there is no way around a reset.

The initial plan was to do the reset before the Steam launch, close down gamma, and reopen it whenever we feel it’s ready. However, we have made considerable progress and we might be able to avoid a closedown. So the current plan is to do the reset and the reimbursement on the day we launch on Steam, and start right away with a revamped gamma experience. If we encounter any showstopper issues connected to this, the reset will still happen on the day of the launch, and we’ll revert to the original plan.

As for the reimbursements, the details are still being worked out, but here’s what we already know for sure:

  • Reimbursing buildings and items in them is straightforward because they all have a specific owner. Items will be reimbursed as they are, either to characters (if in private storage), or to corporations (if in corporation storage). Buildings will be reimbursed by returning the foundation item and the appropriate amount of construction blocks.
  • Reimbursing terraforming is the tricky part. There is simply no way to know how much or where an individual character or a corporation has terraformed. Pretty much the only thing we are able to do is a fair approximation based on gamma activity. So the plan is to check which corporations ever had a gamma terminal in the past (counted up until today, to avoid abuse), and we’ll give out a package of terraforming charges for each terminal they have ever placed.
  • Both individual characters and corporations will be able to set a target terminal for the reimbursement within the game. The selection interface for this will be included in the payment model patch. If you miss to set a target terminal, we will use the TM Alpha terminal by default, so nothing will be lost.


So when will you actually launch on Steam?
- The exact date of our Steam launch will be announced on the day of the payment model patch on April the 2nd.

Will I be able to transfer Perpetuum Credits between accounts?
- No.

Will I be able to trade Perpetuum Credits in the game for NIC?
- No, but we’re keeping this option open for the future.

My account’s validity is beyond the day of the payment model switch! What will happen to my subscription after that?
- Your extra subscription time will be converted to the appropriate amount of Perpetuum Credits and added to your account. See a detailed explanation here.

How will I get my free copy of Perpetuum?
- If your account had at least 3 months of game time through the years, your Perpetuum account will automatically be converted to a lifetime account on April the 2nd. If you have less than 3 months of game time so far, you can make your account eligible for the free copy at a reduced price by purchasing the missing months in our store until April the 2nd. Check your account status page to verify its eligibility.

What will happen to unused ICE items?
- ICE will be discontinued and market orders for ICE will be cancelled during the payment model patch. Then, all ICE items in private storages and cargos will be converted to the appropriate amount of Perpetuum Credits and added to the owner's account. ICE in corporation storages will be converted and added to the account of the CEO, so make sure you move out any ICE items to personal storages if this doesn't fit for you.

What will happen to recurring subscriptions?
- All recurring subscriptions will be stopped on April the 2nd.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments and we’ll include it here! Details about the Steam launch and everything you need to know about it will be announced after April the 2nd.

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1 Winnetou


2 Shadowmine


3 Gremrod

This will make a big difference for the steam release. Well played!

4 Zortarg

i dont like the ep and extention reset. that is not a good move. skilling will n longer be permanent and ppl will play the favor of the month. thats a big backstep.

5 Jasdemi

Good lord. That was unexpected. Best news since forever.

6 Alexander

I did not expect that.

I don't even know how to balance this to say if I like it or not.

1) Login to get EP. Interesting idea and while the idea is that it'll stop AFK players logging into 100,000,000 EP 3 days is very short if a player wants to go on holiday for a few days.

2) Paying for more EP. In the short term for new players this is a really good investment but for seasoned players they'll probably end up not purchasing this item. This reinforced the mentality that "I have to pay to win this game" or "I have to pay to get more EP because the vets are so advanced" where as this is already balanced by EP requirement increasing per level.

3) Paid remapping. Just because people want it and people asked for it, is this really the best option or solution? I can't really say yet as I haven't finished processing all this information.

4) Cash shop without vanity items? Perpetuum without subscriptions is great but I'd rather spend my subscription money on premium vanity items (And be able to sell these in game for NIC). Less focus on taking money for things that could be balanced by better mechanics and more on adding content or at least variance of existing things. These items shouldn't change the game or give players an added edge but should provide more uniqueness to the game.

I am looking forward to purchases Perpetuum when it is distributed via Steam. Does this mean that the patch and install process will be handled by Steam too? If you can move the patching system over to Steam does this also mean we'll see the server move from being manually maintained and the start of using IaaS to provide the servers. Utilising IaaS to host the servers could mean they're more able to handle spinning up to higher usage when spikes or large waves hit the game but areas without anyone playing will be able to idle and save money?

Just some thoughts. Interesting. Progress is good, progress for progress sake is worrying.

7 MoBIoS

character reset and renaming no no no! Funny enough as a coincidence I have just posted something about that today. Stressing how bad it is. http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/post/92706/#p92706. Apart from that, I approve of the changes. Have you come up with this by yourself or did steam consulted you on this?

8 BeastmodeGuNs

Noes, i would prefer the gamma close down personally, it gives people a chance to FOR ONCE, experience what its like with only beta and alpha.

Don't rush with the changes devs, just close gamma for a bit, do what you need to do, then reopen gamma, while in the meanwhile, we get to enjoy pre-gamma 2.0 which TBH, would be awesome

9 Lonwolf

Ingenious, simply ingenious. Congratulations Devs!

10 Cassius

Gamma is reset to make it work, not for some enhanced Beta PvP dream Beast.

So if I understand this correctly, basically if I continue to spend roughly the same per month as now I will be able to purchase a boost to my EP accumulation .... Sweet, works for me. Buying an EP reset, maybe a limit of 1 per year? At most. Name reset ... No thanks. Extension downgrades ... Maybe. I understand your business model just changed. I realize you need items and products to actually sell, but unlimited EP resets doesn't seem like should be one of these products. The Gamma reimbursement seems fair, more than fair I think, and good news on the fact it may not be closed, just PLEASE be sure the mechanics you settle on actually work BEFORE we go back and do it again. Interesting blog indeed.

11 DEV BoyC

Cassius: The gamma changes will be thoroughly tested on the test server before we launch the patch of course.

12 Rage Rex

Bold move. Sounds good for game's longevity. Pay to win? No, pay for the game to survive!

13 Merkle

Is the Follow nerf...rather, where is the follow nerf?

14 DEV Zoom

Merkle: coming with the April 2 patch.

15 Merkle

Also what do your loyal subs get for sticking it out with you for this long, and dont say 3 "free" months of PC's. Or a free game, as at this point Perp is anything but "free" for me.

16 Lucian Night

+1 I think its great except maybe, to have an account keep accruing EP as long as they log in every 3 days is great but kina short, if a person goes on vacation or travels they might miss out on some EP so maybe a small increase like 5 or 7 days before EP stops when a person does not log in. everything else in this blog sounds very fair

17 Merkle

DEV Zoom: Martha: any account that had at least 3 months of subscription EVER will get the game for free.

Releases my past transgression.

18 Merkle

Next question, will future expansions of the game cost us USD, green backs, or Monopoly money?

19 DEV Zoom

Merkle: yes I tried to clarify now that in the blog too.

20 Quelaag

Someone wake me up

21 IN25_A


22 Tux

LOL !!!

So you guys going to charge players for new expansions?

I will say now that I will still be paying for this game even after it goes free ....

Now I have more Ep than all the rest and gain it even faster now !!!

You made a smart move by stopping accumulation Ep after 3 days offline <~~ BRAVO!!

23 DEV Zoom

Tux: it's too early to give a definitive answer to the expansion question at this point, we'll see what the future brings.

24 Hevn

So i just brought the 1 year pack, how much credits it is going to give me?

25 DEV Zoom

Hevn: considering this just put you into 11 months of extra subscription, that's going to convert to credits worth of 11 months of EP boosters and some change.

But there is no need to subscribe that many months beyond April 2, you don't gain any extra credits compared to buying actual credits after the patch.

26 Jeru

Bravo, definitely interested in dedicating more time to playing this game :). A step in the right direction.

Zoom, thanks for clarifying: "But there is no need to subscribe that many months beyond April 2, you don't gain any extra credits compared to buying actual credits after the patch."

27 OptiKhan

Approved! Very glad you HUNs finally decided to listen to the Omnipotent & Supreme Overlord Syndic! His wisdom is eternal.

28 Jita

Pull your tongue out of his arsehole opti, dogs do that

29 Blackomen

Interesting, not horribly fond of the short 3 day login deal, but otherwise this could help the game.

30 SGT subzero

I like the changes...mostly.

I think complete lossless reset is kind of a bad idea, havent we been on this road before?

WHat is this about a follow neft? I remember agruing very strongly against nerfing that for good reasons, what is the deciding factor to go ahead with it?

My main objection is that it makes moving multiple bots to a target location a living hell. AN activity that by any reasonable measure is already time consuming and micromanagement intensive.

31 DEV Zoom

SGT subzero: the "follow nerf" only disallows following a robot that you have locked or has a PvP flag.

32 SGT subzero

That sounds reasonably and wouldnt interfere with transport etc. Nice solution i think!

33 Dadar

have't played this game in while thought about comeing back but only played a month this change will not convince me to come back why pay 28 bucks to retry a game I already quit after one month I am sure not that much has changed so try again this will not save this game you know it I know it and so will the steam users as they only try out free games they don't buy them and try them out only the stupid ones will actualy pay 28 bucks for a game like this that they don't even know if they will even like

34 Elias ShiJun

Name change shouldnt be implemented, that way people could scam and steal from groups all they want and simply change their name afterwards.

35 DEV Zoom

Elias: that's why the game will show all past names of a character too.

36 DEV Zoom

The blog was a bit vague on the credit compensation part, I have posted an explanation here and also edited the post: http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topic/6602/perpetuum-credit-conversion-info-for-april-2/

37 Inda

I hope it will help the game!

Should be!

I try my best to help also!

38 Qthorb

The EP booster can really become a problem for game balance, as its really a "I need to pay to keep up" and knocks people's thought processes regarding "Should I keep playing" to the same neighborhood of "Do I want to keep playing a subscription-based game?" which will hurt player retention. Sure, its good for newer players who might get bored easily, but it will also knock off your more experienced players as those with disposable income will stay above the player who chooses not to have an EP booster and pay 10 bucks a month to effectively be far more valuable ingame than those who haven't paid in. AKA Pay To Win. Read Pay To Win as reviews that read: "LOL THIS GAME SUCKS PAY TO WIN SHIT". Which easily makes Steam rerelease much less of a player injection and could potentially make the game hemmorage players from its already anemic playerbase.

39 Inspiration

It is a game with diminishing returns, this means it never should become a real issue. What it does allow is a quicker start and quicker diversification.

Neither if which is game breaking IMO.

40 QuantaCat

Isnt it the responsability of the veteran players to show the ropes to the new ones instead of just blasting them out of the sky? Also, the more EP you gather, the more multiclass you can be, not necessarily better in one direction. (ie. there is a cap)

Also, to add on to that, everyone can be useful.


I go back to Nia))!!!

42 starmindfr

welcome back to hell :) so soon and not far is this happening today ?

43 QuantaCat

On the forums, Zoom announced downtime to start at 1400 EU time, and maintenance to be done 6 hours later. So downtime started 2 hours ago, and should be done in 4 hours. give or take.

44 Quinterror


45 Badfinger Heretic

Played for 3 months when game was first released. Looks like i am grandfathered in, LOL. What the hell, I'll give it a go. At least it it won't cost me to see if the reasons this game was a fail for me have been cleaned up. I am very active in 4 good online games right now, a 5th one won't slow me down much! Damn it's nice to be retired!!!

46 Telery Windyarm

I agree with comment #33, steam players only flock to F2P games not B2P. If you all did any research into steams massive player base you would have none that. You all should have made a F2P model if you expect steam to save your game.

47 DEV Zoom

Telery: I can assure you we did our research, and going full F2P would currently kill this game.

48 Telery Windyarm

Isn't this game dead already? You would be the 1st MMO F2P would have ever killed lol. That's why I said F2P "model". To me making it B2P makes you look like your trying to get the last blood from this stone age game and or you took the easy way instead of trying to find a way to make F2P work...in other words LAZY.

49 DEV Zoom

Sorry, let me specify: if we went F2P, the large mass of freeloader players would kill the servers and we're simply afraid that we would never recover from that chaos.

50 Dadar

that comment makes no sense f2p is about selling stuff in stores if you actualy did research a well planed f2p model with a good selection of stores actual have increased most games income. that a dev would actual call f2p players free loaders is a huge insult and after reading that I say everyone boycotts this game all together.

I personly play 3 f2p games and have spent over 500 dollars in them in last 3 months alone I support thos games more then a 10 or 15 dollar subscriber would.

51 DEV Zoom

Can you show me a F2P MMO that is a single non-sharded world, where you can't just simply put in more servers when suddenly your playerbase increases tenfold? I'm sure the F2P model works great for a lot of MMOs, but we're not your average MMO.

52 Dadar

there are none and you know that but its not about servers its about customers if you want to make money you need customers.

with this model you have barely gotten any so therefore the game is still in the crap state it was before this.

therefore its a flawed worthless model.

and btw ever heard of caps if as you call f2p players freeloaders would be a problem simple put in a server cap and thos with your little sub get priority login like other games.

53 Toku

There will always be complainers that know best. I for one like the changes and new system. Appreciated and excited to see them implemented.

54 Herodotus


According to my records, the Date of neurointegration for me was 2011-11-22. My Last login was 2011-12-20.

That would put me in the try-out-for-a-month-but-quit category. Now, my question is, should I pay for the Base Game, would I login to see a gazillion EP for me to spend since the acount was accumulating for the last 2-3 years?

55 DEV Zoom

Dadar: you didn't really expect that the payment model change will magically bring thousands of players, did you? :) That's not how this works. Nothing we do to the game brings new players directly, it's publicity that does.

Herodotus: EP didn't accumulate while your account was inactive.

56 Dadar

your right in one point publicity does bring in players but in todays market people do not throw money away to try a game when there are thousands of free ones to try. the publicity on this game is already out and that publicity says its a failure. if you do any research on this game you will find countless posts and reviews stating this therefore people will not pay to try it out when most likely it is not a successful game.

you yourself are part of the problem your clearly insulting gamers who play free to play games in an public manner. anyone who has read your recent post in this blog alone can see it and I am sure they have moved on.

as I have stated I have played many f2p games and currently actively play 3 of them swtor eq2 and neverwinter. two of which were previously sub only when they went with a real f2p model the player base went up by leaps and if you look at those companies finical reports you will also see so did there profits.

and if you think doing things to the game will not bring new players you are clearly delusional and developers like yourself are part of the cause for the games failure. clearly your company is not open to player views or feedback hence the players move on. the times are changing players will not stay with a game that does not value its customer its our money and if you want it then you had better listen to our concerns.

57 Herodotus

I think I made a mistake... As I mentioned earlier, I was a player from 2011-11-22 to 2011-12-20.

I just bought the game through Steam, that has a different email. And now when I launch the game through Steam, I cant see, nor allowed to, log in to my earlier game account.

Am I doomed to start anew?

58 Herodotus

Ok, I did the Account Connection thing. Now my old account says that the "Link with Steam account is Connected". When I launch Perp, I can see my old login name, but when I click OK on that, it says "This account does not own Perpetuum yet. Please purchase the game..."

Help pse?

59 Herodotus

Ok, I sent in an email to support@perpetuum-online.com. And after some clarifications, the helpstaff got my old account back! So for others facing this issue, this is the remedy!

60 DEV Zoom

Dadar: Whether the game is a failure or not is debatable, you just make the mistake of thinking in large scale businesses, which we are not, by far.

EVE is not F2P either, still it's financially profitable. By your logic that means that the subscription model is the way to go. You can't compare games (companies, financial backgrounds, ...) just like that and make a conclusion.

I think I was very clear about why we did not choose the F2P path. But you seem to be very eager to turn my sentences into things I didn't actually mean, so I think we can agree this discussion doesn't lead anywhere.

And I apologize if the word "freeloader" insulted anyone, that was not my intention.