Admittedly, the recent 48 hours weren't the particularly the merriest ones in Perpetuumland, so let me try to attempt to address some of the major issues that arose and have been discussed during this period.

Exploits and reimbursements

There have been some occurrences of faulty functioning on server-side which were widely discussed on the forums. As a general statement, I'd like to remind everyone that as it says in the EULA, the abuse of such faulty mechanics is forbidden, and you may be risking your account status by doing so.

The most prominent such issue, as most might have heard of, was an anomaly which resulted in bots respawning in your hangar after they've been shot, essentially allowing you to fight with the same robot multiple times, turning Perpetuum into something of a George Romero movie. This was prominently used during a major fight on Monday; to address this, we will reimburse those players who suffered losses to these zombie bots, and will also temporarily suspend the accounts of those players who have repeatedly utilized this flaw.

Another, less problematic issue arose from the change of the production fees on Gamma islands: now that the mechanic has changed, and fees are returned to the owner corporation instead of the Syndicate, we will retroactively reimburse the corporations with these fees for their previous productions as well, since they should've been receiving these funds in the first place.

The Big One

And now for the most uncomfortable part: Our announcement about the adjustment of the gamma teleport ranges kicked up a massive stink, and it'd be feeble not to address that. To this end, we'd like to offer a chance to the major corporations / alliances involved in this game to express their opinions on the upcoming change, and invite them to a public roundtable on July the 5th (this forum and the opening post will continue to update with more information), where we'd like to provide an opportunity for the delegates of these groups to debate the change, provide us developers with enough insight so that we can handle this right, or even to make further adjustments. This also means that said change will be postponed until we have reached an agreement with the playerbase.

This all, of course, is far from being a final denouement of the situation, and we're well aware of that, but admittedly we painted ourselves in a corner a bit, so at this point what we feel is best, is to give you players a chance to right our wrongs.

Dear Players,

we would like to close another chapter in the history of Perpetuum and set our eyes on pastures greener and newer. Everyone involved in the recent exploits has been severely punished. The complexity and scale of the issue left us with little room for deliberation, so our only option was to wipe all everything from corporation hangars and characters. This way, the illegitimate assets have been completely removed from the game. Sharing numbers with the community would be futile, for if someone has the ability to create items out of thin air, it matters not whether they have a stock of three hundred or three million in their hangars.

Unfortunately the measures we took affected a lot of players that had no idea about the scam they were involved in. Please allow me to say a few words about those we have punished in M2S. This is not a name and shame post, these players had no idea what was going on behind the scenes and suffered betrayal from a small number of people they trusted and were loyal to. The persistence, honesty and camaraderie demonstrated by this corporation during our proceedings against them is nothing short of admirable and deserves the full respect of both the development team and all the other players. They took this devastating blow right on the chin and decided to start from scratch, stay together and reestablish themselves on Nia. We wish them all the best!

The corporations fighting these unbeatable odds also deserve our awe and respect in industrial, military and communal aspects equally.

We would like to kindly request that there be no witch hunt, humiliation, harassment against players that were unaware of the exploit schemes and already took a huge blow both economically and emotionally. The real offenders are no longer among us, so any of these callouts would be misplaced, and we will protect all our players from causeless harassment equally.

We are very proud to be hosts for such a great community, all of you guys are awesome! Here's to an engaging adventure for all of us!