Over the years we have spent on Nia, we have learnt to hijack Nian technology, turn it against themselves, and even managed to reprogram their bases and facilities to produce more weapons and hardware needed for our cause.

Now, by salvaging and disassembling Nian robots and combining them with good old Earth technology, the Syndicate hopes to surprise the enemy by fielding something they haven’t seen so far.

Syndicate robots

Soon, the Syndicate will become a full-fledged 4th faction (or 5th if we count the Nian Industrial Trust as one) with its own line of specialized robots that you can use.

Currently 11 new robots are planned, which are assembled from existing Nian robot parts, but each of them will have their own unique stats and bonuses. As you might have already guessed, a common trait, being their faction specialization, are machine guns.

Beyond mirroring the standard line of combat bots of other factions, we’re also trying to fill some roles that we didn’t have robots for thus far, like a light transport or a robot specialized for artifact exploration.

Here is a general list of what you can expect:

  • Vektor: light combat robot
  • Helix: light robot specialized for electronic warfare
  • Locust: assault-class combat robot
  • Echelon: combat mech
  • Callisto: mech specialized for electronic warfare
  • Legatus: heavy combat mech
  • Ikarus: fast light transport
  • Cronus: assault-class industrial robot suitable for both mining and harvesting
  • Hermes: assault-class robot specialized for artifact exploration
  • Daidalos: mech-class transport, aimed to fill the gap between the Sequer and the Lithus
  • Metis: heavy mech specialized for remote support modules

Introducing these robots into the game will happen through the Syndicate Supplies shop. First and foremost we’re planning a direct purchase for a combination of Pelistal, Nuimqol, and Thelodica faction tokens, plus a NIC fee. These robots are not indended to be rare, so the cost will be more or less in line with the other faction’s robots, and the triple-token requirement should liven up the market a bit.

Over the next few blogs we will take a detailed look at each of the robots, dive into their stats and bonuses, strengths and weaknesses, and everything you'd want to know about your new best friends.

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So excited. Hope this entices the vets back.

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Frankenstein Robots are comming.

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After 6 years. Finally. Sadly still no new robo tiers though. Just some "recycled" mechs.

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where the new engine . new graphics . already in 2016

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