It’s been a while since we announced Intrusion 2.0 back in July, but we have used these months to fine-tune the original concept and turn it into reality. Today I’m happy to announce that the new system will be deployed in our anniversary patch, on the 1st of December.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Intrusion 2.0, we recommended you read the previous blog about it, but I’ll try to cover all the important details here as well. The basic premise hasn’t changed; we still want it to be a system that reflects the main powerblocs on an island via outpost ownership, while making both owning an outpost and doing intrusions more worthwhile, and of course to get rid of the fixed event times and registrations. Some of the details have changed though, and we think for the better. Let’s have a look!

The basic mechanics

One of the most notable changes will be the lack of an event calendar, because the whole system will be pretty random for defenders and attackers alike. Taking part in an intrusion event will be a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

The events will still happen around Service Access Points (SAPs), with the same old SAP types. One notable difference compared to the SAPs you know now, is that they will be easier to complete, even with a relatively small squad. But the main difference in the new system is that only one SAP will open up at a time for an outpost, and you won’t know exactly which of the three SAPs it will be beforehand.

If you’re an attacker, and you see an open SAP, you simply start completing it. The system will immediately add your corporation to the list of attackers. If you can complete the SAP objective before it closes, you win the intrusion.

If you’re on the defender’s side, your only goal is to keep the attackers from completing the SAP until it closes again. Simple as that - you won’t even have to touch it. The maximum time limit until a SAP is open has been reduced to 1 hour; that’s the time you have to stick out.

An important sidenote: should the defenders start completing a SAP, technically they will also become “attackers”, and if they win the intrusion they will decrease the stability of their own outpost!

Intrusion times

SAPs will open up at random times at every outpost in 8-16 hour intervals. This means that when one intrusion finishes, the next SAP at the same outpost can open anywhere between 8 and 16 hours. This also means that the minimum time where you can be sure no SAP will open at the same outpost is 8 hours. This rule works independently for all outposts, so it is quite possible that there will be more than one intrusion happening in parallel.

There is no way of knowing which of the three SAPs will open, but there is still a way to know at what time it happens.

Captain, we have spies in our backyard!

You’ll be able to scan for intrusion times in the same manner you scan for artifacts. Your trained ninjas will have to get relatively close to the target outpost and use a new geoscanning ammo specifically designed to find out when then next SAP will open. The scan result will tell you the time, with some random inaccuracy depending on your geoscanning extensions, and the remaining time until the SAP opening. Naturally, outpost owners will only have to step out and do a scan to know the time of the next event, but they will also have to be on the lookout for spies trying to scan for it.

Outpost stability

As mentioned above, now there is only one SAP to complete or defend at a time, and you win that intrusion. Winning an intrusion does not mean that you become the owner of the outpost, though.

Since the new system is much more random than before, there has to be ample buffer space, to prevent you needing to stand guard around your SAPs 24/7. We know you have a real life too... most of you, anyway.

This is where outpost stability comes in.

Outpost stability is a number between 0 and 100, which represents how much a corporation “owns” that outpost. Intrusion events will dynamically modify this number up and down. When someone completes an intrusion, stability will go down. When the owners (and/or their allies) can keep anyone from completing an intrusion, stability will automatically go up. Remember that the defenders won’t even have to touch the SAP, so there is no restriction or rule who can be a defender - it’s all in the sandbox.

Different types of SAPs have different stability values, here’s how it looks like:

  • Passive hacking: 10 points
  • Active hacking: 15 points
  • Destruction: 15 points
  • Specimen processing: 20 points

These are the same when attacking or defending, so for example when you complete a Destruction SAP, outpost stability will go down by 15 points, and if you successfully defend a Passive hacking SAP, stability will increase by 10 points.

To make another example on the big picture, if you own an outpost with 100 stability, you have to lose about 7-8 intrusions in a row (7*15=105, depends on SAP types of course) to lose that outpost. This means around 3-5 days of minimum buffer time, depending on how much the gods of randomness favor you (ie. the 8-16 hour intervals).

Intrusion event log

Gaining ownership of an outpost

Every now and then an intrusion event will bring down outpost stability to 0. At this point the outpost will go into a contested state, where no one owns it. The next intrusion event will be decisive regarding ownership: whoever completes it will be the new owner of the outpost, starting with a stability of 5. Of course this can just as well be the old owner, in which case they manage to regain ownership again. No “claiming” an outpost for millions of NIC, no protection tokens; from then on the owner’s task is to keep the SAPs alive.

SAP loot

Typical loot from a high-stability outpost's SAP

To make it all a little more interesting, and to give you all more incentives to do intrusions, all SAPs will drop a loot container. They will do this regardless if you complete the intrusion, or if there is a timeout (a successful defense.) The catch is that they won’t be assigned to anyone, so if you want it, you’ll probably want to make sure that the area is clear from enemies when the time comes. Of course during tighter intrusion events it’s also possible that the losing team ninja-loots it and gets away with it.

The higher the outpost’s stability value, the more loot they will contain and the more chance they will have for higher level items. Loot also depends on the type of SAP and the outpost’s faction, and can contain decoders, CPU cortexes, lots of minerals, distress beacons or ammunition. (A little hint: a SAP loot of an outpost with 100% stability will always contain officer beacons!)

The benefits of owning an outpost

So far, pretty much the only notable benefit corporations had by owning an outpost was the fee paybacks from facilities. While this enabled them to use the high-level outpost facilities practically for free, there was no option which could help them shape their outpost to their liking, or generally look at it as their home.

Now, the fee paybacks will still be around, but the new system has much more in store for the potential outpost-keepers.

Outpost Access Control

Outpost controls

One of the main benefits of owning an outpost is the long-awaited option to close them down from unwanted enemies, aptly called Outpost Access Control. The feature simply consists of an on/off switch and a relations slider, which determines the minimum relation at which you let in other Agents. The slider is exactly the same like the one you use for setting your relations to anyone, so for example if you set access control to “Good”, it will only allow entry for members of a corporation for which you have set at least “Good” relation or higher. Access control will become available if your outpost reaches at least a stability of 50.


Auras are basically outpost-level NEXUS modules. They provide small but notable bonuses to the members of the owner corporation, and they do this on the whole island where the outpost is located. The more stability the outpost has, the more Auras will become available for you to activate, but only one at a time. Effects include bonuses to mining or harvesting amount, geoscanning accuracy, armor repair, accumulator recharge and detection&masking. At stability 100, complex auras become available which combine some of these bonuses.

There is one piece of bad news for those who plan world domination though: an Agent can only be affected by one Aura effect at a time. So if you plan to own more than one outpost on an island, you’ll have to make decisions when selecting your active Auras. To avoid switching them back and forth too quickly, changing Auras will also have a 24-hour cooldown.

Facility upgrades

Outpost facility upgrading

So far outpost facilities had fixed levels and there wasn’t much strategy involved, except for trying to get the outpost with the better facilities that suited your needs.

Now owners will be able to shape their outpost’s industrial profile, by upgrading facilities from level to level, even up to level 4!

Facility upgrading is also tied to outpost stability levels: at first, all facilities are only level 1. As the outpost gains stability, every 10 points you’ll be able to spend a facility upgrade. So if you manage to get it to 100, you’ll be able to upgrade altogether 10 facility levels, in any combination. This means for example that at stability 100 you can have two level 4 facilities and the remaining four on level 2 (2*3 points, plus 4*1 points). Or you can have five on level 3 (5*2 points), and one remains at level 1.

Naturally if the outpost’s stability gets lower, you will lose your upgraded levels, starting from the last one you upgraded (or simply deducted from the unspent upgrades, if you have any). Productions in progress will not be affected by this, only new processes will start with the reduced efficiencies.

This system brings in a whole new level of strategy: is refining more important for your corporation than anything else? You can upgrade to a level 4 refinery already at stability 30. Or are you sure that you’ll be able to bring it up much more than that and spread the levels evenly to help every aspect of your production? Or do you own two not-so-stable outposts on one island, so you upgrade reverse engineering here and the factory there, and transport the goods between them? All up to you; we’re really curious how you will use this system.

There is a catch to outpost modification, too: only upgrading is possible, there is no direct option for downgrading. You can take the risk of reducing the stability of your own outpost to free up that one upgrade point you need... as we said, it’s up to you.

Outpost owners on the map and the new context menu for outposts

Make your mark and let others know

We also wanted to make intrusions much more the center of attention, since they are currently the pinnacle of intercorporation warfare, shaping the political map of Nia day-by-day. Even if you are not into PvP, you probably want to know what’s going on around you.

In this regard, intrusion news was quite hidden so far; you couldn’t even poke your buddy to check the news and brag him about your latest win!

To this end we’re adding a new tab into the News window (right beside the list of “Most dangerous Agents”), which will list all the past intrusion events, complete with the owners, the winners, and outpost stability changes.

The world map will also have the option to show outpost owners, with their corporation logos neatly hovering above their outpost icon.

Outpost information with facility listing and custom public description

We also implemented the same information windows for terminals and outposts that robots and modules have too. These will also show the current owner and stability levels (the latter in a nice graph as well), and the facility levels at that specific outpost. This will also work for alpha outposts, so you won’t have to ask around about which one has the level 2 refinery anymore.

Lastly, owners of an outpost will be able to write a public description of their property, and this will also be visible for everyone who brings up the outpost’s information window. You can use it to advertise your facilities, taunt your enemies, advocate world peace, or whatever you like (well, within reason of course)!

In conclusion

Currently owned outposts will start from stability 5 (this also changed since the previous devblog) when the patch goes live on the 1st of December, but we’ll delay the start of the first intrusion events to Monday (5th), after the anniversary weekend, so you won’t have to worry about them while you’re taking part in the festivities.

*Phew* that’s all of it I think. There is no tl;dr version for this I’m afraid, but trust me, it’s a pretty straightforward system once you get the hang of it. I tried to cover everything, but I’m sure many of you will have questions, which we’ll be happy to answer in the comments below or on the forums!

New week, new patch - seems like we’re on a roll. As promised a month ago, we’ll deploy the spark change and extension system upgrade patch this Friday (10-28). If you haven’t read the previous blog about the topic, I’d recommend checking it out, because I won’t repeat everything there, but rather focus on the new stuff.

Sparks 2.0

Asintec industrial spark

Have you ever wondered what the tiny nanobots we call “sparks” look like? Well, now you’ll know :)

In order to give sparks a gameplay role, we converted them into passive module-like items, which provide small permanent bonuses and are interchangeable. The first pack of available sparks is already quite sizeable, with different types in terms of level, faction, specialization and price, but we intend to introduce new ones in the future too.

To get hold of a spark, however, you need proper authorization to use them (basically “unlock” them). This authorization process can either mean a one-time NIC payment, or reaching a certain level of relation with a corporation. Later on we’ll also introduce new sparks unlockable for Energy Credits (when that system rolls out), or a combination of these.

Sparkling sparks

Once you’re authorized to use a spark, you have to install it, which costs varying amounts of money. Unlike authorization, which you only have to do once, changing between sparks always has an installation cost, even if you change back to one that you already had installed. There is also a 1-hour integration period, during which you can’t install another spark. Standard sparks which you choose during character creation are all authorized from the start, so you’ll only have to pay a small installation fee if you want to change to another standard type.

Extension downgrading

Again, pardon me if I won’t repeat all the details and reasons about attribute removal and the new calculation method of extensions. Please see the previous devblog for reference.

In short, extension downgrading will be the ability to downgrade extension levels (duh), and to get back the EP and NIC you have spent on them. This feature is mainly intended for new players, to give them a chance to correct their mistakes while they are learning the game, so downgrading will only be available for 30 days after you create your first character. Since this is a new feature, though, we’re also providing all veteran players a 30-day grace period. This grace period starts from the patch on Friday.

There are a few limitations to downgrading:

Extension downgrading
  • It’s not possible to downgrade below your initial extensions.
  • It’s not possible to downgrade an extension level which is a prerequisite for another extension that you have.
  • There is a global freeze limit, which means if you go over it, you won’t be able to downgrade anymore (this also applies to old characters). This limit has been set between level 6/7, so if you have something on level 6, you'll still be able to downgrade it, but not level 7 and up. There will be a popup warning if you’re about to cross the freeze limit with an upgrade.
  • There will be a rolling limit which will only allow you to downgrade a sum of 5 levels of any extension in the last 12 hours. (We call these downgrade tokens, and they are account-based, just like available EP.)

As you can see on the screenshot, the downgrade button will tell you how much EP/NIC you would get back if you decide to do it. The lower part of the window has also been extended with more info about your spent EP and on downgrading.

Last chance to do an account reset

As announced in the previous blog, we’re saying farewell to the account reset feature in this patch. If you have any reason to perform an account reset, you can still do so until Friday! You can do it without any repercussions, since all the EP penalty will be reimbursed during the patch, regardless how many resets you did so far. This is also your only chance to get rid of an unwanted extension that you upgraded beyond the above mentioned freeze level of 6.


As much as we would like to, we can’t promise that we’ll have a patch every week now. These patches are merely a culmination of our development work during the past few months, so these are special times :) Of course, we’re doing our best to finish some features that are still in the works as soon as possible. November will be a very exciting month. Two words: intrusion and anniversary.

The weird concept of “NPC eggs” has been floating around in random forum topics for a while now. We’re of course not planning to introduce robot chickens, though I’m sure this is sad news for some.

The egg system, or how it should be called from now on, distress beacons, is a new feature that is intended for quick “on-demand” PvE battles. It also kindof replaces the roaming Observers that have been removed from alpha islands in the last patch.

The pranksters of Nia

So what are distress beacons? They are basically a secure communication device and a teleport endpoint node, which the alien factions are using to call in reinforcements. However, if you get your hands on one of these beacons, you can use them to your favor: upon activating these beacons, the alien forces will instantly teleport there, where you can easily ambush them if you are properly prepared. It is really much like doing false emergency phone calls.

Some more details:

Various types of distress beacons
  • There are two main types of beacons: the ones that get in normal multi-wave squads, and the ones that call single wave high ranked officers and commanders with shiny loot.
  • 4 factions (the industrial federation being the 4th), 3 different levels and 2 different size classes for each. This results in a total of 48 different distress beacons.
  • Depending on level and type, you might need multiple Agents to activate them. (You can find the number in their info.)
  • You can only deploy them while in a squad, even if it needs only one man to activate.
  • The NPCs brought in this way will retreat if they are not attacked for a minute.
  • Much like mobile teleports, they can’t be deployed near terminals.
  • Some of the high ranked NPCs drop observer kernels.

Squad-type beacons and the lowest level commander beacons can be acquired from artifacts (with a higher chance on beta islands) or by looting certain elite NPCs. The higher level commander-type beacons are dropped by the robots you called in with your first beacons. It works like a cascade, if you get a really lucky streak, you can get from the lowest level officer to the highest commander.

We’re also introducing two brand new tiers of modules, which can be looted from the officers and commanders. I don’t want to spoil here what these are exactly, find out for yourselves! :)

Just to get you in picture on how all this works in practice, some of us got together for an afternoon brawl with the aliens:


We’re still working hard on some of the details, but it should be out within a month or so...

Just kidding, you’re getting it tomorrow in a patch :)

We’ll be also having a little pop-quiz event tomorrow (10.21.), some hours after the patch at 22:00 servertime (link for local times), where you can be the among the first ones to get your hands on a distress beacon! More info here. The patch itself will be at 13:00 CEST!

A more free trial experience

Well, of course trials are free, but so far you had to deal with quite a lot of trial limitations. Originally we introduced them as a precaution, but we decided now to lighten it up a bit. So after tomorrow’s patch, the only trial limitations that remain will be that you can’t send money to other players (but you can receive), and that you can’t found a corporation (and of course the 15 days of game time). All the other restrictions regarding market access, trading, chat, field containers and joining a corporation will be removed.

To make the life of corporate spies a bit harder, you will be able to see whether an Agent is on a trial or not if you check their profile information.

Of course we reserve the right to reinstate certain trial limitations if they are deemed necessary again in the future.

So, that’s it for now, see you tomorrow after the patch, and we’ll return next week with the final details on the new spark system!

Damn what’s that hammering on the door, I can’t co... oh, our players! Hi there.

Yeah, we’ve been pretty quiet recently, partly because we were busy improving the game, and partly because DEV Calvin locked us up in a cage to encourage that.

You might have noticed that we’re a little bit behind of our planned schedule, so let’s cut to the case. We’re closing up August with a big bang - unless otherwise noted, all of the following will be part of the patch today (08-25).

New assignments

We’re adding 16 brand new level 1 assignments for all three main Alpha terminals: 6 combat, 7 industrial and 3 logistics ones. At the same time we say farewell to the old level 1 assignments, so this is basically an upgrade of all those assignments.

Well, actually a bit more than that - they are not only using the same elements that we introduced in the new storyline assignments recently, we’re also introducing a few new assignment types and revamping some old ones.

Mining assignments will ask you to exploit new experimental minerals that are acquired exactly the same way as the new rare mineral isotopes and variants that we have introduced in the last patch, and which you all seem to love. While you can recycle these new minerals too (like isotopes) if you happen to get them outside of assignments, they are much less valuable and pretty much only needed by those crazy professors at Syndicate Research Labs. But, the good news is that you can still keep the good old run-of-the-mill minerals that you dig up while you’re waiting for that rare bit to pop up in your cargohold.

Furthermore, these new mining assignments do not have a completion radius anymore, so you only have to find the right type of mineral field and you’re good. No more complaining that you can’t finish your assignments because that lovely Riveler blob has sucked it dry.

The long-awaited harvesting assignments will finally appear as well, and they will work much like the new mining ones outlined above. Harvesting plants will occasionally yield some new experimental minerals and you will have to deliver those. Since we can’t be sure where plants can be found, these assignments won’t have a completion radius either.

Manufacturers will probably welcome the new production assignments. They have objectives for creating calibration templates in reverse engineering, and they will also ask you to mass produce some nerdy machinery from components you have to collect on the field.

Combat assignments get some love too, instead of the bland “get here, kill 10 bad guys”-routine, they are spiced up with some switch activation and item delivery objectives.

Transport assignments will not send you from terminal to terminal anymore, but to item collectors or item suppliers out on the field. This marks the end of the legendary - and very profitable - “Triangle”.

Generally all these new assignments are (hopefully) much more interesting, their descriptions are more story-driven and closer to the lore too.

While today’s patch will only replace level 1 assignments, the rest of the levels will continuously get the same facelift during the next patches.

Relation system changes

As announced in the big revamp blogpost, from now on terminal facility relation bonuses will be only calculated from industry-related contractor corporations, so industrial players won’t have to do combat assignments to increase their relation.

We also felt that the current number of contractor corporations was a bit too much, players got lost in a maze of various NPC corporations and it was not easy to keep track of all their individual relations. So we decided to reduce (or merge, sort of) the current 27 (9 per faction) corporations to 3 per faction. Instead of half-breed combat/industrial or industrial/logistics corporations, there will be only pure combat, industrial and logistics oriented ones, and these will be the clear providers of matching assignments.

What will this mean for your current relation achievements? For every character, we’ll check their relations for all 3 sets of NPC corporations (for example one set being combat/combat, combat/industrial, combat/logistics) and take the current highest relation they have towards them within a set. Those 3 highest relation values will be applied for the new “pure” NPC corporations. In case you would end up having negative relations to any of them, you’ll be given a clean sheet and start from zero. (This process will take up actually the majority of our downtime.)

Random NPC spawns

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

With that in mind, we’re introducing new random NPC spawns, where you can’t really be sure what you’ll be up against next. Of course we didn’t want it to be a complete Russian roulette, so the NPC ranks in one spawn will only vary by 1 or 2 levels.

The real fun with them though, is that there is a small chance that they will spawn new elite NPCs. These have +50% health, but in turn have significantly better drop rates, 100% kernel drop chance, and they can even have up to 3 kernels instead of only one.

In this patch we’re only switching 3 normal spawns per island to these new random ones, but their numbers will grow in the coming patches.


The zombiepilot plan got ugraded to a homing robot chicken plan - we’ve decided to implement some basic pathfinding first. It’s still not very bright in finding the optimal route around obstacles, but it does the job.

Unstack by volume

Small feature but extremely useful, so it deserves its own paragraph. From now on the unstack window will have a dropdown menu where you’ll be able to choose whether you want to split the stack by item amount or volume. Optimally filling up your cargo just got simple.

Lastly, there have been many questions about the proposed account reset changes, and we’re long overdue with that too. The reason for the delay is that we’re not really satisfied with some important aspects of character development, so there might be some groundbreaking changes in order to make account resets not needed at all. More on this in a devblog later™.

Well, this has been an exciting three weeks. We had to allocate most of our resources to stabilizing our service, but rest assured we did this with great pleasure. While our efforts had clear results, the development plan for the first two weeks was ruined, and the last week was spent finishing the storyline missions that are to be released with the next patch. This would have been deployed today, but we found an unexpected mission-critical bug and will release it sometime in the beginning of next week. Till then, a few teasers:

While these new missions are only available to Agents with high relations (they are level 3 assignments) and form a small proportion of all missions in game, they serve as a great platform to test our new assignment features that will find their way into the entire assignment system.

The influx of players brought light to a lot of glitches, imbalances and dysfunctional mechanisms in the game, so instead of rushing forward and pushing out new features in the next weeks, we are taking a step back and making everything that is available in the game better. All of these features are subject to change, but their purpose and outlines are quite clear. Behold, in the specific order of release:

Week of 25th of July

All our base are belong to us

Beta outposts are greatly underused at the moment. This is due to their poor risk versus reward ratio. Industrial traffic attracts a lot of hostile attention and the attackers have great advantages at the moment:

  • safe equipment storage
  • instant respawn
  • seeing the defenders’ available backup numbers
  • seeing what the defenders deploy to the island through an Arkhe scout
  • docking when overwhelmed
  • generally nothing to lose

To make these outposts and their facilities more appealing, the owners will be able to manage docking access via the relation system. The ownership will be decided in the period of two Intrusions. Losing the first Intrusion, the defenders will lose docking access management rights and the second will decide the new owner of the outpost. Later on the Intrusion timer system will also be revisited.

Welcome your new robot overlords

The Nians are becoming more clever and flexible - if you partially destroy a spawn group, it will keep coming at you. If you totally destroy a spawn group, the Nians will deploy a different kind of spawn the next time to keep you guessing. There’s also the chance that the spawn group may be an "elite" spawn - special forces carrying higher quality gear, or items that will lead to higher ranked Elite Spawns.

Week of 15th of August

Fledgeling industrialist love

There is a distinct lack of beginner production in the game. Industrialists either have to commit very serious effort, resources and EP to production, or risk failing to be competitive in any market. To mend this we are going to introduce a simple system that allows us to determine an item’s manufacturing ‘difficulty’, making it more or less sensitive to extensions and facility levels.

The idea is quite simple. CTs will not start at a default 50% material and time efficiency level, but will be predefined by their end product's complexity. Complex items will have low efficiency, leaving great room for improvement, whereas simple items - such as ammo and standard equipment - will start at high values, making them less sensitive to improving factors.

Furthermore we also plan to replace all epriton based components in T1 modules. This and the above changes will allow for a much easier and competitive entry to the industrialist career.

Industrialist brothers in arms

Currently all involved in high level production have to grind their relations up towards the relevant factions to achieve competitive results on the market. This is quite unfair, as these characters typically have little extension points invested in combat, so their combat extension spending comes at an expensive rate and they are forced into activities they may not prefer.

Henceforth, the combat mission relations will not be effecting production. Industrial mission relations will still be calculated, as the facilities currently used by the Agents are owned and loaned by the Syndicate.

From the cartographer’s wishlist

  • Agents will be able to set waypoints by a point & click method on the map, rename them, and organize them info folders.
  • Outpost ownership will be displayed on the map.
  • The legend area will be resizeable, making the use of the map much more comfortable.


Probably one of the most anticipated features since launch is the autopilot. Good news everyone, the time has come. You will be able to add waypoints in a certain order to create routes. When the autopilot is engaged, it will follow the route. Although plants that may grow in the path will block the robots, it’s worth noting that there are already many paths connecting the main landmarks that are cleared of these annoying vegetables. Have fun finding them and plot away!

Why is it called Zombiepilot?* Because it is really dumb and will literally do nothing more than try to lurch its way towards the next waypoint. Braaaiiinns!

* It's not, actually.

Perpetual life

Perpetuum’s persistent universe is in strong contrast with the Agents being able to reinvent themselves and appear with different names and faces. Character resetting will be removed at this point. Obviously doing it right the first time is nearly impossible. Fear not - we have a solution.

For the first 30 days you can both add and subtract extension levels in your Agent Profile. The limitation to this is that you won't be able to jump back and forth between full-fledged combat and industry specialization every minute, and that taking any extension to level 6 will freeze it perpetually. There will be an option for a one time attribute reset in this first period as well, most probably via running a trimmed version of the character creator again.

Week of 22nd of August

Farewell ‘Triangle’

All assignments will be overhauled:

  • The newly introduced features will make all assignments more challenging and exciting.
  • Transport missions will be fixed, their targets will not be another terminal, where another mission can be picked up, but rather a special building on the field. This will correct their reward per time ratio.
  • Mining missions will have a special target material, which is required by the Syndicate for the process of collecting energy and transferring it back to Earth, and is not used in the production chain.
  • Geoscanning assignments will be removed, and added as extra objectives to mining missions. These changes will ensure that these assignments do not interfere with the economy on the surface.

As you can see, we have a lot of changes on the horizon that we’re excited about, and we think you will be too. We look forward to reading your feedback on these suggestions, and working with you to create the best possible play experience. Until next time:

“Scuttle safe!”